FMARDPace AFJP: Enumerators ready for Protest over non-payment

The Enumerators of the FMARDPace Agric for Food and Job Plan (AFJP) have prepared to embark on a national protest as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development fails to grant full payment of their remuneration.

Declaring the protest scheduled to hold at the FMARD Office Abuja on Monday 8th November, 2021, the Enumerators condemned the non-compliance to the agreement which they signed while accepting to participate in the enumeration programme, vowing that the world must hear their voices as labourers are entitled to their wages.

The Ministry had stated in the agreement that each Enumerator would be paid the sum of N500 for each successfully captured farmer which would be paid in two trenches viz: half of the amount realised in a week to be paid at the end of every week, while all halves remaining would be summed up and paid at the end of the project.

According to the Enumerators, the agreement was largely violated as they only recieved half of their payments after many months of agitation.

FMARD had in an official statement apologised to the Enumerators, assuring that all remuneration owed would be paid in full after the disbursement of the AFJP Fertilizer Subsidy Grants to the enumerated Farmers. 

The Enumerators lamented that even after the disbursement of the fund to the farmers, their remuneration is yet to be paid in full.

Recounting their ordeal, the Enumerators furthered that they have born the transportation cost of going to the farms to locate the farmers, captured their data with challenges, even snake bites and death of one of their members on duty, but were steadfast on hope that is withering into the thin air.

The Enumerators lamented that taking their welfare for granted is pure deceit and a clear sign of unconscientiousness towards the youths in the country by those they follow, hence, would not be deterred to protest until the full payment of their labour is granted by the Federal Government.  

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