Breaking: FMARDPace Enumerators threaten legal action


The Enumerators of the Agric for Food and Job Plan Program of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Collaboration with the Project for Agriculture Coordination and Planning (FMARDPace) have threatened legal action over the breach of agreement reached and signed by the Enumerators.

FMARDPace has at the outset of the project stated that the Enumerators would be paid the sum of N500 per each successfully upload and accepted farmer in two trenches: half of earning in a week to be paid at the end of every week and remaining halves of the duration of the project to be paid as a whole sum, one month after the completion of the project.

The Enumerators of the Project noted that the plan for a legal action became necessary since the project which commenced in June,2020 has been sustained through their own pockets while facing precarious situations such as snake bites and even death of their member while their payments have remained unaddressed.

''This work is too risky and demanding. It is not something that is supposed to be having irregularities that will lead to the breach of the contract from one week to 3 months  without payments. IT IS TOO OBVIOUS. We spent our money and time, many have encounter snakes and more sadly the news of the demise of one of us. FMARDPace have to answer in court", one of the Enumerators stated in anguish.

Recounting the ordeal, the Enumerators furthered that they have borne the transportation cost of going to the farms to locate the farmers, capture their data, with challenges, but were steadfast on hopes that have withered into the thin air as they have remained unpaid for months contrary to the agreement stated before the commencement of the Project.

The Enumerators lamented that taking their welfare for granted is pure deceit and a clear sign of unconscientiousness towards the youths in the country by those they follow, hence, would not hesitate to file for payment of their labour in a lawsuit.

FMARDPace has in several statements apologised for the delay in the payment of the Enumerators while encouraging them to exercise some patience to enable them formalize their payments but the Enumerators seem to have run out of patience.

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