Roles of NPC Enumerators, Supervisors and other Census Functionaries: How much NPC Adhoc Staff are paid for 2023 Census

The Applicants of the National Population Commission Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2022 have been eager to know the actual Adhoc Staff salary as the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise draws nearer.

Before we discuss the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary, let's firstly give a quick update on the current happenings in the NPC 2022 Adhoc Staff Recruitment.

As part of the processes to ensure smooth conduct of the 2023 Census Exercise, over 2 million Adhoc Staff will be temporarily employed by the commission. Out of these Adhoc Staff to be recruited, only Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been Shortlisted.

The Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators have been on e-learning since December 2022. Some have taken the NPC Quiz and NPC Final Exam, while their Contact Training has been scheduled to take place between Monday 23rd January 2023 to Wednesday 25th January 2023, and Thursday 26th January to 4th February, 2023 respectively.

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The National Population Commission, according to its schedule for the 2023 Nationwide Population and Housing Census Exercise, has announced that the shortlisting of Enumerators and Supervisors will take place between 16th January, 2023 and 31st January, 2023.

Applicants can always check their Application Status on the NPC Recruitment 2022 Application Status Checker Website http://2023censusadhocrecruitment.nationalpopulation.gov.ng

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NPC Adhoc Staff Salary

The NPC Adhoc Staff Salary varies. It is not the same for all categories of the Adhoc Staff. 

According to the trial census that was conducted in 2022, NPC Adhoc Staff were paid average of N50,000 each for the 30 days job. This will be higher for the main Census Exercise.  

To elaborate on the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary, we equate the Duties of each Adhoc Staff to the amount to be expected as Adhoc Staff Salary in the 2023 Census Exercise.

Duties of NPC Adhoc Staff and NPC Adhoc Staff Salary 

1. Facilitators

Duties of a Facilitator in Census

 (i). A Facilitator trains all other Cencus Functionaries.

(ii). A Facilitator must be someone intelligent enough to read the Census Manual, understand it and able be able to deliver the knowledge to all other census functionaries.

(iii). Teachers or Lecturers, who should have a survey experience and computer proficient, are mostly recruited as their job demands more of teaching skills.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for Facilitators is N150,000 - N300,000

2. Field Coordinators

Duties of a Field Coordinator in Census

(i) A Field coordinator coordinates the activities of 5 supervisors and between 30 and 50 enumerators.

(ii) Assists in the protocols and community entries into the institutions and communities

(iii) Addresses maps and boundary challenges within their assigned areas

(iv) Ensures that the supervisors are always on the field

 (v) Receives feedback and gives feedback to supervisors and enumerators

(vi) Clears the Field Supervisors after completion of their task.

(vii) Recommend replacements and reassignment of EA IDs where necessary during census exercise.

(viii) Coordinate logistics of human resource and materials within the assigned area.

(ix) Report to the Comptroller the replacement of enumerators and supervisors who are unable to perform their duties satisfactorily; or who should be replaced for any other reason.

(x) A Field Cordinator in Census must be preferably a Civil Servant or Teacher with survey field experience and should have basic office tools skills such as Knowledge of Excel.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Field Coordinator is N140,000 - N280,000

3: Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers

The Quality Assurance Assistants or Rovers are to assist the field coordinators by moving from one EA to the other to ensure fieldwork is carried out smoothly. He is mobile and covers five SAs. 

Duties of Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers in Census

i. Reporting all the technical problems to the field coordinator.

ii. For all flagged within his assigned boundary, he does ground truthing.

iii. He ensures that real-time correction is affected.

iv. Renders assistance to the enumerators when they are having issues with the PDA (i.e. give ICT support).

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for Quality Assurance Assistants/Rovers is N130,000 - N280,000

4. Field Supervisor

A Field Supervisor is the team lead of between three and six pairs of Enumerators. S/he works closely with the Field Coordinator. 

Duties of a Supervisor in Census

i. Handles all difficulties the enumerators might report to him/her, including non-contacts and refusals 

ii. Checks that enumerators have visited all dwellings in the Enumeration Areas (EAs) assigned to their team. 

iii. Establishes good working relationships with military, civil, village head and other authorities to ensure that work goes smoothly 

iv. Carries out monitoring visits in each EA and makes a daily report to the Field Coordinator on the progress of the census work.

v. Ensure as much as possible the security of enumerators working under him/her. 

vi. Clears the enumerators after completion of their task.

vii. A Field Supervisor should vave survey field experience, have managerial skills and speak the language of the local community.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Supervisor is N130,000 - N230,000

5. Enumerators

Enumerators are key to the census process and as such are the front-line soldiers in the entire census army.

Duties of an Enumerator in Census

i. To interact with the public and obtain census data.

ii. To interview all households and individuals in the EAs assigned, using the appropriate forms/questionnaire in the Electronic Data Collection Device and complete the record of work.

iii. Responsible to, and report back to his/her Field Supervisor daily.

iv. Receive instructions and feedback if any, from the Data Quality Manager through Data Quality Assistant in the LGA.

v. Refers to the DQM and DQA for support on PDA issues for troubleshooting if the issue cannot be handled by the supervisor or field coordinator.

 vi. An Enumerator should be able to speak the language of the local community and should have basic Literacy in Mathematics.

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for an Enumerator is N100,000 - N220,000

6. Monitoring & Evaluation Officers

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is an essential component of census activities. Training, deployment of field materials and equipment, field operations during building numbering & household listing and persons’ enumeration will be monitored.

Duties of Monitoring & Evaluation Officers in Census

i. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officers will play an important role in ensuring that set targets are met at every level of the Census process. He/She will monitor and evaluate the implementation of all planned activities.

ii. His/Her Duties demand the following essential skills:

a. Must have at least a BSc/HND

b. Must have at least five years’ experience in surveys and census activities with at least two years’ experience in the most recent surveys (NURHI, NDHS, VASA, NEDS, NMIS, etc.)

c. Must have at least three years’ experience in data collection

d. Good presentation skills

e. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

f. Basic understanding and use of data collection applications (CSEntry, Census PAD, EAD PAD, Survey Solution, ODK, etc.)

g. Basic understanding and use of statistical analysis applications (Stata, SPSS etc.)

h. Demonstrated ability to train and build capacity of others

i. Sampling and questionnaire design ability

j. Good report writing skills

NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for a Monitoring & Evaluation Officers is N150,000 - N300,000

Summarily, we hope that the above NPC Adhoc Staff Salary will guide the Adhoc Staff Applicants in making decision, and would enable the Adhoc Staff put in the best of their efforts, so as to recieve expected remunerations.  

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