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Hey everyone, hope you're all doing well. We had earlier published few questions from the NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Quiz Questions, now we are back with Full compilation of the NPC recruitment 2022 Training Quiz and Exam Questions and Answers. 

This should help anyone on the NPC Recruitment Training or Applicants preparing to embark on the Training know the questions to expect while on the NPC Recruitment Training. 

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NPC Recruitment 2022 Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Identifying features on the satellite image correctly as it is physically on the ground is known as
A. Map interpretation
B. Satellite image interpretation
C. Association
D. Locate Me

2. We have ............ types of census Maps.
A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 0

3. An enumerator got lost on the way to his enumeration area he needs to use his knowledge on ........... to find his way
A. Map setting
B. Use of compass
C. Map Association and shape
D Map Orientation and Navigation

4. You have just been assigned your EA at the Training Centre and your
supervisor asks you to meet him at building No1 in your EA. How are you going to find your Supervisor
A. By using Locate Me Feature on The Census Pad
B. By using Navigate to EA feature
C. Use Map Orientation to find him
D. Keep the PDA in your bag and call the supervisor for directions

5. The process of aligning a map with ground features or the process of
determining how directions on the map align to directions on the ground is known as
A. Map orientation
B. Satellite Image Interpretation
C. Locate Me
D. Map Direction

6. For the purpose of Census, the country has been delineated into small data collection units called
A. Pre Test
B. Enumeration Area
D. Geographic Information Systems (Gis)

7. In the ICT section of the Persons Enumeration, which of these is not measured
A. ICT Device Access Status
B. ICT Owenership Status
C. Access to Internet
D. Usafe of banking services
D. ICT Development

8. How many days before the census night does the economic status refer to?
A. 21
B. 14
C. 8
D. 7 
Ans. D

9.  Kolapo has one daughter, Halimat, who was 2-year-old as at the time of the 2020 world cup. Kolapo cannot remember his age but has a
Neighbour that was born 3 years after the independence and they were born at the same time.

Kolapo is a farmer and can read Arabic with understanding but cannot
write Arabic, but he can read and write with understanding in Yoruba. His son, Sola, is attending Junior secondary school but is currently in JSS 2 and is 10 years older than Halimat.

Kolapo has only a basic phone but have accessed the internet through a cybercafe's Desktop just three weeks ago. Halimat has used the internet through her brother's phone to watch movies and play games. Sola uses the internet via the school wifi.

Note- All the family members have celebrated their birthday this year and you are assumed to be enumerating them today.

9. How old is sola
A. 14
B. 16
C. 15
D 13
E. 18
Answer: C

10. What is the likely age of Kolapo?
A. 58
B. 60
C. 61
D. 63
E. 59
Answer: B

11. Which age group is expected to Survival of Last Live Birth Seciton of the NPC 01
B. 15-49
C. 10-39
D. 15-54
E. 10-69
Answer. A

12. Which of these statements determines a persons literacy?
A. Read and write in any language
B. Read and write with understanding in English only
C. Read only in English
D. Read and Write in only English
E. Read and write with understanding in any language
Answer: E

13. Which of these is not a response category in the Difficulty in performing activities module?
A. Yes-a lot of difficultry
B. No No difficulty
C Cannot do at all
D. Not applicable to ages 20 years and above
D. Yes Some Difficulty

14. At what time are special populations enumerated?
A. Census Enumeraiton
B. Listing of Strructures
C. Census Night
D. Cenusus Mop up
E. Morning

15. The following are post field activities except one 
A. Engagement with supervisors by planning for field work 
B. Creation of communication medium (WhatsApp group sms, etc.) by supervisors
C. Arranging for relaxation spots for enumerators
D. Intensification of advocacy exercise and community entry strategies
E. Engagement of authorities of prayer camps for cooperation

16. All demonlisehd buildings must be flasgged on the PDA during building numbering and household listing
A. False
B. True

17. Which of these is not an offence according the the NPC Act
A. Falsification of returns
B. Taking busicuits
C. Unlawful disclosure and failure to furnish information lawfully
D. Destruction of documents;
E. Unlawful obstruction during census
Answer: B

18. In the 2023 Census, one of the following is not a type of map
A. LGA Maps
B. Community Maps
C. Supervisory Area Maps
D. Enumeration Area Maps
Answer: B

19. Group listing means that all enumerators and supervisor within a Supervisory Area (SA) will conduct building numbering and household listing as a group within one EA together until it is completely covered before moving to the next EA within the SA.
A. False
B. True

20. In the Group listing methodology which of these is wrong?
A. Group listing methodology will be used in persons enumeraiton
B. New buildings will be assigned numbers based on their location while maintaining the flow of serial numbering
C. Enumerators must not go beyond their assigned building codes.

21. Which of the following is not a type of Difficulty canvassed in the census?
A.Walking or climbing Stairs
B. Hearing
C. Speaking
D. Sleepnessness
E. Self-Care
Answer: D

NPC Recruitment 2022 Final Exam Questions and Answers 

1. You are recruited as a monitoring and evaluation officer, which of these is your function
A. Daily training of trainees 
B. Daily management of sanitation in centres
C. Daily assessment of students reading ability
D. Daily Evaluation of training workshops
Answer: D

2. The Census data will form a baseline for ......
A. Demographic Planning and National Development
B. Economic planning and National Development
C. Economic Planning and Social Development
D. Social Planning and National Development
Answer: B

3. One of this is not an essential features of a modern Population and Housing Census recommended by the United Nations (UN)
A. Capacity to produce Small-area Statistics
B. Universality
C. Individual enumeration
D. Nation wide Project
Answer: D

4. For the Purpose of PHC Literacy question is been asked by respondent who are
from age ---?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 3
D. 6
Answer: D

5. An ldeal training centre environment should have all but one of the following
A. have hand parking lot
B. be easily accessible by trainees and trainers
C. have sanitary facilities like toilets/mobile toiles,dus tbins etc
D. have covid materials like face masks, sanitizers etc
Answer: A

6. For the Purpose of Census, we have how many types of Household?
A. 3
B. 7
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: 6

7. In the Person's enumeration questionnaire, the socio-demographic questions are to be administered to all household members.
A. False
B. True
Answer: B

8. You have gotten to an enumeration area. There are four buildings that were downloaded from the server numbered 1-4 as seen in the picture. In the picture attached building 1 is from your extreme left and numbering clockwise to building 4. All the buildings are owned by a Cooperative society in that community. 

You are to do the Building Numbering and Household Listing. Use the picture to answer the question:

What is the main construction material used for the ROOF of Structure 2?

A. Thatch/Palm Leavers/Raffia
B. Corrugated Metal/Zinc Sheet
C. Earth Mud/Mud Bricks
D. Slate/Asbestos
Answer: B

9. During your canvassing of the EA, you saw a new structure behind your building 2. What type of structure is this?

A. Single building detached
B. One Storey (Detached)
C. Two Storey Detached
D. Multiple Storey (Detached)
Answer: A

10. The following are population Characteristics except one
A. Living and Working Condition
B. Marital Status
C. Age and Sex
D. Financial Institution
Answer: D

11. Non-Nigerians will not be enumerated during the 2023 Population and Housing Census
A. False
B. True
Answer: A

12. Where the head of the household is not available and will not be available throughout the census period, which of these should happen?
A. The enumerator should leave the household and not enumerate the persons in it
B. The next member in line who can stand in place of the head of household should assume the status of the household head and enumeration can proceed
C. The enumerator should report this situation to the Census Manager
D.The enumerator should wait for the head of household to return before enumerating the household
Answer: B

13. What is the full Meaning of COTT
A. Cross Officer Transfer Time
B. Census Observational Timing Teams
C. Central Observational Training Teams
D. Census Operations Tracking Team
Answer: D

14. Ayodele is a Nigerien, has been living in FCT Abuja for 8 months now. Eight years ago, he was in Kenya until he move to Lagos three years ago. He was in Seychelles just three weeks ago for a UN workshop.
What is the duration of Ayodele's stay in his usual place of residence?
A. Since Birth
B. <6 Months
C. Months < I year
D. 1year < 2 years
E. 2 years < 5 years
Answer: E

15. What is Ayodele's Country of Origin?

A. Niger

B. Nigeria

C. Kenya

D. Lagos

E. Namibia

Answer: A

16. Taking Oath of Secrecy is a legal requirement for all census
Functionaries to:
A. be taken at any time during the Census
B. be taken before commencement of duties
C. be taken after completion of job
D. be taken if one wishes
Answer: B

17. The following statements are included in the definition of
Formal education except
A. a structured and graded form of education system
B. includes specialised programmes for vocational, technical and
professional training
C. runs from primary (and in some situations from nursery) school to
D. includes school of theology and Islamyyah
Answer: D

18. All of this except one is a basic image interpretation principles that can help in the map interpretation
A. Shape
B. Color/Tune
C. Drainage
D. Association
Answer: C

19. If it is pronounced by National Population Commission that Census Enumeration starts on January 25th 2023. Which of the following will be Census Night?
A. The night of 25th January, 2023
B. The last night of the Census Period.
C. All nights during the Census Period.
D. The midnight between 24th and 25th of January, 2023

Answer: D

20. During the Census, which of the following will apply during the Building numbering and Household Listing stage
A. Only buildings occupied by persons will be numbered.
B. Only completed buildings will be numbered.
C. All structures above DPC will be
Answer: C

21. Questions on housing characteristics and amenities are intended to
A. collect data on the quantity and quality of housing in Nigeria
B. Check the quality of paint used on structures
C. Dictate to builders the quality of foundation for houses
D. ldentify foreigners in the locality
Answer: A

22. As an Enumerator, your immediate superior officer you are to report to, is?
A. The Chairman of National Population Commission.
B. The Comptroller of the LGA of my assignment.
C. The Field Coordinator.
D. The Field Supervisor
E. The Executive Chairman of the LGA of my Assignment.
Answer: D

23. If there is an inconsistency in two responses by a respondent, e.g. If a woman says she currently age 23 and later says her age at first marriage was 26. What will you do?
A. I will accept the latest response as correct and go ahead to correct the earlier response.
B. I will accept the earlier response as correct and go ahead to correct the latest response.
C. I will probe further on the two responses and make necessary corrections.
Answer: C

24. Persons's Enumeration must be completed within
A. 6 days
B. 7 days
C. 5 days
D. 1 week
Answer: C

25. If a farmer sets off at 5 a.m. to her farm and it takes 2 hours to walk before work actually starts, then the 2 hours should also be counted as hours of Work.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

26. All housing questions relate to households and should as much as possible be answered by heads of households. In their absence, other adult members of the household can provide answers.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

27. Kolapo entered the University for a 5-year Course with his WASC some 7 years ago and has written all his final year exams at the University but due to ASSU strike the Senate of the University has not been able to consider the results for the final year students for graduation. What is your highest level of education completed by Kolapo?

A. Primary.

B. JsS/Modern School



E. Degree/ HND

Answer: E

28. Alhaji Usman was asked if he has difficulty seeing even wearing glasses. He replied, "I have never used glasses and can see very welI but unlike 10 years ago find it difficult identify persons if they are not very close". Do you classify Alhaji Usman as:

A. Has no difficulty in seeing

B. Has some difficulty in seeing

C. Has a lot of difficulty in seeing

D. Will probe to find out if he considers his seeing with some difficulty or a lot of difficulty.

E. Can do at all

Answer: B

29. A basic phone can be usedto access the internet. True or false?

A. False

B. True

Answer: True

30. One out of all is not an Importance of Population and Housing Census (PHC)

A. Population Characteristics

B Hosing and People Condition

C. Household and Housing Characteristics

Answer: C

31. What is the full meaning of TCMA 

A. Training Centre Management and Administration

B. Training Content and Management Advisers

C. Training Centre Methodology and Administration

D. Training Coordination and Monitoring Administrators

Answer: A

32. A live birth is defined as the......

A. complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception, irrespective of the duration of the pregnancy, which after separation, cried, breathed, or showed any other evidence of life, such as the beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, definite movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.

B. complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception, irrespective of the duration of the pregnancy, which

after separation, cried, breathed, or showed any other evidence of life, such as the beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, definite movement of voluntary muscles, and the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is removed.

C. complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception, whose pregnancy lasted up to 8 months, which after separation, cried, breathed, or showed any other evidence of life, such as the beating of the heart,........

33. Ayodele is a Nigerien, He has been living in FCT Abuja for 8 months now. Eight years ago, he was in Kenya until he moved to Lagos three years ago. He was in Seychelles just three weeks ago for a UN workshop.

What was the country of residence of Ayodele Five years ago?

A. Seychelles

B. Kenya

C. Namibia

D. Niger

E. Nigeria

Answer: B

34. Economic Characteristics questions are applicable to

A. All persons born after June 12 1993

B. Respondents who are 5 years and older at the time of enumeration
C. Respondents living outside their usual place of residence
D. All persons who know their birth dates.

Answer: B

These NPC Questions have recently been used randomly in the NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Assessment. The Answers can be interchanged in such a way that option A might not be option A in another applicant's question even when the question is the same.

This publication will help you in understanding the nature of NPC Test Questions applied by the National Population Commission in the NPC Recruitment 2022 Training and Screening. It will also guide you, help you score higher and position you among the best candidates to be selected for the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

Reflect on the questions and be super energised to take the NPC Test Quiz and Exams. Kindly check back for more Updates. Cheers!

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