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The NPC Recruitment 2022 is such that only well trained and skilled applicants will be chosen for the 2023 Nationwide Population and Housing Census Exercise.

Preparation is the mother of success. It is on this quote that Myinfoclock Daily Info Update has compiled several random questions used in conducting the NPC Recruitment Quiz.

We also present the NPC Recruitment 2022 General Training Manual for all Categories via the link below:

NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Manual

While the Training has been ongoing for Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators, soon the Training will commence for the Enumerators, Supervisors and the rest of the National Popupulation Census Team.

Here are Random Questions that have been asked in the conduct of the NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Screening Quiz.

1. Identifying features on the satellite image correctly as it is physically on the ground is known as
A. Map interpretation
B. Satellite image interpretation
C. Association
D. Locate Me

2. We have ............ types of census Maps.
A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 0

3. An enumerator got lost on the way to his enumeration area he needs to use his knowledge on ........... to find his way
A. Map setting
B. Use of compass
C. Map Association and shape
D Map Orientation and Navigation

4. You have just been assigned your EA at the Training Centre and your
supervisor asks you to meet him at building No1 in your EA. How are you going to find your Supervisor
A. By using Locate Me Feature on The Census Pad
B. By using Navigate to EA feature
C. Use Map Orientation to find him
D. Keep the PDA in your bag and call the supervisor for directions

5. The process of aligning a map with ground features or the process of
determining how directions on the map align to directions on the ground is known as
A. Map orientation
B. Satellite Image Interpretation
C. Locate Me
D. Map Direction

6. For the purpose of Census, the country has been delineated into small data collection units called
A. Pre Test
B. Enumeration Area
D. Geographic Information Systems (Gis)

7. In the ICT section of the Persons Enumeration, which of these is not measured
A. ICT Device Access Status
B. ICT Owenership Status
C. Access to Internet
D. Usafe of banking services
D. ICT Development

8. How many days before the census night does the economic status refer to?
A. 21
B. 14
C. 8
D. 7 
Ans. D

9.  Kolapo has one daughter, Halimat, who was 2-year-old as at the time of the 2020 world cup. Kolapo cannot remember his age but has a
Neighbour that was born 3 years after the independence and they were born at the same time.

Kolapo is a farmer and can read Arabic with understanding but cannot
write Arabic, but he can read and write with understanding in Yoruba. His son, Sola, is attending Junior secondary school but is currently in JSS 2 and is 10 years older than Halimat.

Kolapo has only a basic phone but have accessed the internet through a cybercafe's Desktop just three weeks ago. Halimat has used the internet through her brother's phone to watch movies and play games. Sola uses the internet via the school wifi.

Note- All the family members have celebrated their birthday this year and you are assumed to be enumerating them today.

9. How old is sola
A. 14
B. 16
C. 15
D 13
E. 18
Answer: C

10. What is the likely age of Kolapo?
A. 58
B. 60
C. 61
D. 63
E. 59
Answer: B

11. Which age group is expected to Survival of Last Live Birth Seciton of the NPC 01
B. 15-49
C. 10-39
D. 15-54
E. 10-69
Answer. A

12. Which of these statements determines a persons literacy?
A. Read and write in any language
B. Read and write with understanding in English only
C. Read only in English
D. Read and Write in only English
E. Read and write with understanding in any language
Answer: E

13. Which of these is not a response category in the Difficulty in performing activities module?
A. Yes-a lot of difficultry
B. No No difficulty
C Cannot do at all
D. Not applicable to ages 20 years and above
D. Yes Some Difficulty

14. At what time are special populations enumerated?
A. Census Enumeraiton
B. Listing of Strructures
C. Census Night
D. Cenusus Mop up
E. Morning

15. The folwoing are post field activities except one 
A. Engagement with supervisors by planning for field work 
B. Creation of communicationmedium (WhatsApp group sms, etc.) by supervisors
C. Arranging for relaxation spots for enumerators
D. Intensification of advocacy exercise and community entry strategies
E. Engagement of authorities of prayer camps for cooperation

16. All demonlisehd buildings must be flasgged on the PDA during building numbering and household listing
A. False
B. True

17. Which of these is not an offence according the the NPC Act  
A. Falsification of returns;
B. Taking busicuits
C. Unlawful disclosure and failure to furnish information lawfully
D. Destruction of documents;
E. Unlawful obstruction during census
Answer: B

18. In the 2023 Census, one of the following is not a type of map
A. LGA Maps
B. Community Maps
C. Supervisory Area Maps
D. Enumeration Area Maps
Answer: B

19. Group listing means that all enumerators and supervisor
within a Supervisory Area (SA) will conduct building numbering and household listing as a group within one EA together until it is completely covered before moving to the
next EA within the SA.
A. False
B. True

20. In the Group listing methodology which of these is wrong?
A. Group listing methodology will be used in persons enumeraiton
B. New buildings will be assigned numbers based on their location while maintaining the flow of serial numbering
C. Enumerators must not go beyond their assigned building codes.

21. Which of the following is not a type of Difficulty canvassed in the census?
A.Walking or climbing Stairs
B. Hearing
C. Speaking
D. Sleepnessness
E. Self-Care
Answer: D

22. You are recruited as a monitoring and evaluation officer, which of these is your function
A. Daily training of trainees 
B. Daily management of sanitation in centres
C. Daily assessment of students reading ability
D. Daily Evaluation of training workshops
Answer: D

23. The Census data will form a baseline for ......
A. Demographic Planning and National Development
B. Economic planning and National Development
C. Economic Planning and Social Development
D. Social Planning and National Development
Answer: A

24. One of this is not an essential features of a modern Population and
Housing Census recommended by the United Nations (UN)
A. Capacity to produce Small-area Statistics
B. Universality
C. Individual enumeration
D. Nation wide Project
Answer: D

While these Questions have been randomly used for the Screening of the Specialised WorkForce Candidates, it's likely to be applied in other Categories.

Kindly check back later for complete Answers to the Question. Good luck.

Download NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Manual and NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Quiz Questions

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