Fake or Original Malta Guinness Drink, Guinness makes clarification

Following the social Media Buzz which claimed fake Guinness Malt Drinks popularly known as "Malta Guinness" have flooded the Market, the Guinness Nigeria PLC has made clarification, stating that the alleged claim is false.

In a statement issued by the company via its verified Facebook Handle, on Tuesday, the public has been urged to disregard the Social Media claim as it’s not only mischievous but has also been debunked years ago.

"Dear consumers, we urge you and the public to disregard the false and mischievous posts that are resurfacing and recycled on social media targeting your favourite Malt Drink.

"These mischievous social media posts which had been debunked years ago are now being recirculated by placing old packaging side by side to make false allegations of fake vs original versions," Guinness Nigeria PLC stated.

The Company noted that both Malta Guinness shown in the widely circulated Social Media posts are original but are old and new packaging.

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"For clarity, both Malta Guinness packaging shown in the viral posts are old packaging that is no longer in circulation.

"We urge you to disregard these mischievous posts and share this release from us with your friends & family. 

"We invite you to continue enjoying your favourite Malta Guinness this holiday season and always, the company added.

Malta Guinness is a unique and delicious Non-Alcoholic Malt Drink, packed full of the finest ingredients for guaranteed "top of the world" feeling. It is brewed under licence by Guinness Nigeria PLC.

Launched into the Nigerian market since 1990, It is adored by people across the nation for its great taste, finest quality ingredients, vitamins, iron and nutrients that provide real goodness.

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