Latest Npower Stipend News Today 8th July 2023: Shortlisted but not a Beneficiary, NASIMS makes Clarification

Today's latest Npower Stipend News, 8th July 2023, MASIMS News on payment today, n power news, NASIMS News today 2023, NASIMS states the difference between being Shortlisted and being a Beneficiary. 

The National Social Investment Management System has made clarifications on the Status of Npower Applicants on the NASIMS Portal, while differentiating "Shortlisted" from "Beneficiary".

This became necessary following the recent shortlisting of over 200,000 new Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, as many applicants throng the NASIMS Portal to view their Status.

NASIMS in a statement via its official Twitter handle clarified that for an Applicant to be a "Beneficiary" the applicant must have recieved a message to validate Npower information directly from the Head Office, Abuja, which bears the Sender's Identity, "N-POWER".

Speaking further, NASIMS noted that seeing "Shortlisted" on the NASIMS  profile is not enough to justify that one is eligible to fill the Npower Validation Form, rather, the Applicant should have received a text message and/or Email with instructions to complete the Validation Form.

The Npower Management had in previous statement noted that it's working on changing the Status of the recently shortlisted Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries from "Applicant", "Shortlisted" to "Beneficiary".

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The elucidation in Todays latest Npower Stipend News, latest NASIMS News today, n power news, nasims news today 2023, became imperative as NASIMS has continued to decry how thousands of Npower Applicants had filled the Npower Validation Form without recieving notification to do so, and at the same time expecting Stipends to be paid to them.

This, the Npower management said has caused more delay in the Payment of Stipends to eligible beneficiaries as more efforts are being dedicated to sort the genuine beneficiaries from pool of Npower Applicants who had also filled the Npower Validation Form.

When a batch of genuine beneficiaries are sorted out, they are paid. This will make sure that funds meant to pay Stipends of beneficiaries are not used to pay applicants who are not beneficiaries yet.


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