Latest Npower Stipend News Today 3rd July 2023: NASIMS continues Stipend Payment, moves to validate New Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries on NASIMS Portal

In Today's Latest Npower Stipend News, Monday, 3rd July, 2023, we bring to you the latest Npower News today in order to keep you up-to-date on the recent happenings around the Npower Programme and Npower Stipend Payment.

The Npower Management, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has continued the payment of Stipends to Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries in a bid to clear the three months Outstanding Stipends owed to the beneficiaries.

Recall that since inception of the Batch C2 Npower Programme in October 2022, more than half of the 490,000  Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries are yet to recieve first payment of accumulated 3 Months Stipends, being paid as a bulk of N90,000, i.e. N30,000 per month, for the 3 months of October, November and December 2022.

Speaking on the Stipend payment, NASIMS promised to clear the outstanding Stipends before the end of June 2023, to pave way for the payment of January, February, Match, April, May, and June 2023 Stipends to the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries.

However, the shortlisting of over 200,000 new Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, and the recent discovery that Npower Applicants who have not been shortlisted, have proceeded to fill the Npower Validation Form, had necessitated further delay on the Outstanding Stipends Payment.

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As a result of the new development, NASIMS has resolved to manually verify the newly Shortlisted Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries on the NASIMS Portal, adding that when a shortlisted Applicant is verified, the beneficiary Status would change from "Shortlisted" to "Beneficiary".

The process of manual verification, NASIMS noted, would flush out the ineligible applicants who had filled the Npower Validation Form without being shortlisted or receiving notification from the Npower Management.

The newly Shortlisted Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries should from now on watch out their profiles on the NASIMS Portal to know when their Status have changed from "Shortlisted" to "Beneficiary".

While Payment of Stipends has continued in batches for the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries who had earlier verified their Information, all eligible beneficiaries should note that all Outstanding Stipends will be paid completely.

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  1. Three months backlog is said to be cleared but some of us has received only for two months (October and December) leaving November out. Should we still be expecting our November stipend or we should forget

    1. Dear Kennix, You will be paid completely.


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