NPC New Training Date: Real Date for Enumerators and Supervisors Training revealed

Following the controversy which surrounded the NPC Enumerators and Supervisors Training Date since the last postponement, it has become pertinent to put applicants in the right direction.

While some Enumerators and Supervisors are of the opinion that LGA Level Training begins on 25th April 2023, many others believed that the Enumerators and Supervisors LGA Level Training commences on 11th April, 2023.

This has created panic among the Applicants who are eager to know the real date for the LGA Level Training. 

To clear the doubts, several contacts were made to the National Population Commission, and it proved that Enumerators and Supervisors Adhoc Staff Training begins on 11th April, 2023.

According to the NPC, there are two Phases of the LGA Level Training as follows:

(A) LGA Level Training on Building Numbering and Household Listing

(B) LGA Level Training on Persons Enumeration

LGA Level Training on Building Numbering and Household Listing begins on 11th April, 2023 and ends on 17th April, 2023.

LGA Level Training on Persons Enumeration will begin 25th April, 2023 ends on 29th April, 2023.

NPC Adhoc Staff Enumerators and Supervisors are advised to stick to the new schedule while preparing for their Training.

Do you know there are Quiz and Exams to be taken during and after the LGA Level Training?

An LGA Level Nationwide Exam will also be taken during the rap-up of the Enumerators and Supervisors Training.  

To secure your position among the successful Enumerators and Supervisors who would participate in the 2023 Census Exercise, knowing how questions are being asked in the NPC Quiz and NPC Exams is important. 

Full Compilation of NPC Quiz and NPC Exams have been created to enable NPC Enumerators and Supervisors succeed in the LGA Level Training as follow:

Download Full Compilation of NPC Recruitment 2022 Training Quiz and Exam Questions and Answers

NPC Adhoc Staff State Level Training Final Exam Questions for Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators

The NPC Quiz And NPC Exams are random questions which are mostly repeated, and in line with the Training modules while still being unique for each Enumerator and Supervisor.

This means that the Question are usually re-arranged in Numering but mostly repeated questions which covers the whole Training Modules.

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