NPC Adhoc Staff State Level Training Final Exam Questions for Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators

In preparation for the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise, the National Population Commission had on Sunday concluded the State Level Training organised for the Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators.

An NPC National Final Exam was taken across the States of the Federation to evaluate the Trainees' understanding of Population and Housing Census concepts and Technology therein.

Myinfoclock Daily Info Update had earlier published a Full Compilation of NPC Quiz and NPC Final Exam Questions and Answers which NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants take during Self-Learning and after Virtual Class Room Training respectively.

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The essence of updating the NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants, especially the Enumerators and Supervisors who would soon begin Self-Learning and Virtual Class Room Training, is to equip them with NPC Quiz Questions and NPC Final Exam Questions they would expect, as those question have been repeatedly used recently.

While the Specialised WorkForce and Facilitators had State Level Training, the Enumerators and Supervisors will have LGA Level Training which will be handled by the Facilitators.

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So, expect these NPC National 'State Level Training' Final Exam Questions below, in addition to the NPC Quiz and NPC Final Exam Questions above, in the NPC Quiz, NPC Final Exam Questions and NPC National 'LGA Training' Final Exam Questions to be taken by Enumerators and Supervisors. 

1. As a Supervisor, you are assigned a Supervisory Area (SA) consisting of 5 Enumeration Areas (EAs) and 5 Enumerators to work with you, each Enumerator is assigned one EA to Enumerate. How will your team of Enumerators identify their respective EAs of assignment for Enumeration?

A. We will all (me and the 5 Enumerators) will move as a team and we all identify each of the 5 EAs.

B. I will ask each enumerator to find their way to identify their respective EAs and I will visit later on supervision.

2. What type of Enumeration Area Map is expected to be used for the 2023 Census?
A. Printed Satellite Imagery map only
B. A printed Drawn to scale Map from the EAD
C. A combination of Printed and digital imageries
D. Sketch ‘Map’ by Demarcators during the EAD
E. Digital Satellite Imagery Map only

3. Whose primary duty is to fetch the Enumeration Area Map to be used for Building Numbering, Household Listing and Enumeration? 
B. Supervisor
C. Enumerator
D. Field Coordinator
E. LGA Comptroller

4. Where is the best place to fetch the EA Map allocated to an Enumerator?
A. At the training Centre or nearby place where internet network is strong.
B. When we get home after training.
C. When we get to the starting point of the Allocated EA.


During the Census, you came across a compound within your EA of assignment that is built and owned by Alhaji Usman Kolapo as his personal property. The security man in the compound called Yusuf Baba sleeps in the gate- house and the gate-house is given number 21, the next building number 22 is given to the main building being occupied by Alhaji Usman himself and the last of his three wives called Alhaja Sefiat Anike. The third building in the compound, numbered 23, is a boys’ quarters currently being occupied entirely by Abdul-Maliki Usman who is the son of the junior brother to Alhaji Usman. Abdul-Maliki Usman lives in this boys’ quarters with his wife and one son. The fourth building in the compound (numbered 24) is occupied by the first wife of Alhaji Usman with her grandchildren and a house help called Modupeola.  The fifth building (numbered 25) is a 2-bedroom house rented by Mr. Thomas Wada who lives in it with his family and pays the rental fees to Alhaji Usman on an annual basis. There is another structure (sixth) in the compound that was not numbered because it is a mere generator house and not used for dwelling. The seventh Building (numbered 26) in the compound is a 2-bedroom boys’ quarters that was formally being occupied by Alhaji Usman’s son , Akintayo , who has parked out of the building after marriage and currently the building is under lock without any occupant as at the time of the Census.

Note, Modupeola (who is not related to the Alhaji Usman by blood nor marriage) lives in the compound with him and does prepare the food the family members eat  with the two wives of Alhaji Usman.  Modupeola shares in the eating on a daily basis. The second wife of Alhaji Usman by name Maryam lives in another building about one kilometer away from the compound where Alhaji Usman lives.

Maryam cooks on a regular basis from her dwelling and brings to Alhaji Usman to eat.   The Abdul-Maliki’s do not have a separate cooking arrangement except what is prepared by Modupeola and Alhaji Usman wives. The Wada’s cook separately at their apartment and have no eating arrangement with others living in the compound. Yusuf Baba, the security man sleeps in the gate-house and cooks separately at his gate-house. 

You are in the Compound of Alhaji Usman during the period of the Census for enumeration. Answer the following questions using the scenario above.  

5. During the Census Period you came across a woman who stays in her usual place of residence and takes care of the home but engages in small retail of provisions (sugar, pepper, milk, soft-drinks etc) within her dwelling.  Will you classify this woman as working?
A. Yes, she is engaged in economic activity
B. No, she is not engaged in economic activity

6. Assuming during the Census, Alhaji Usman has traveled for a long period and will NOT be back until days after the Census reference period. Will another person stand in as the Head of the household or the position of the head will be reserved for Alhaji Usman and be enumerated in absence?
A. Yes the position of the head will be reserved for the Alhaji since he is the Head and breadwinner
B. No, this Census is a facto and record of only persons physically present should be taken so another person must stand in as the defacto head.

7. During the Census, Alhaji Usman requested that all persons in the compound should be enumerated under his household because he owns the all buildings. 

What will you do about Alhaji Usman’s request and the reason for your action?

A. Yes, I will agree with him and enumerate all persons as one household since all of them are living together in the same compound, and it will make the work easy and nobody will be missed-out.
B. No, I will not enumerate all of them as the same households, because they are not of the same family members.

C. III. No, I will not do so because the setting indicates there are more than one household in the compound and each identify household should be enumerated separately.

8. Is Modupeola, the House-help, a member of Alhaji Usman’s household?
A. No, Modupeola is not a Member of Alhaji Usman’s Household, though they live together in the same compound and share common eating arrangement but Modupe is not related to the Usman’s.
B. Yes, Modupeola is a Member of Alhaji Usman’s Household because they live together in the same compound and share common eating arrangement with the Usman’s.

9. What type of Use of building will you classify the gate-house (number 21) where Yusuf Baba sleeps?
A. Residential with Commercial Activities
B. Gate -house
C. Parking and Storage services
D. Residential (Housing/Dwelling unit) only
E. Standalone Utility Services
F. Others (specify)

10. During your visit to Alhaji Usman’s compound for enumeration, you met his second wife Maryam who has brought food from her dwelling at about a kilometer away for Alhaji Usman and will return back to her usual place of residence but Alhaji Usman requested she (Maryman) be enumerated with him as a member of his household in the compound after explaining the scenario above to you.   What action will you take and the reason?
A. I will go ahead and enumerate Maryam as a member of the household because she is related to Alhaji Usman by marriage, they share common eating arrangement and found physically present in Alhaji Usman’s house as at the time of visit.
B. I will not enumerate Maryam with Alhaji Usman because she does not stay in the compound as a place of usual residence. I will explain to them that, for the purpose of the Census Maryam belongs to a different unit of enumeration, which is her usual place of residence that also have an assigned enumerator.
C. I will refer to my supervisor to take decision because this situation is complex and ambiguous.

11. In the previous question to your respondent, you asked "How many male and/or female children have you ever born alive?" and she responded that she has never given birth.

Will it  be necessary to ask the respondent the question "Of the children you have born alive, how many male or female children are now living with you in the household?"
A. Yes, it's necessary
B. No, it's not necessary

12. What type of Use of building will you classify the building numbered 26 that was formally being occupied by Alhaji Usman’s son, Akintayo , who has parked out of the building and currently the building is under lock without any occupant as at the time of the Census?
A. Residential (Housing/Dwelling unit) only
B. Dilapidated and Unoccupied
C. Uncompleted and Unoccupied
D. Others (specify)
E. Completed and Unoccupied

13. What is your opinion about the generator house not being given a separate number?

A. Being correct or wrong, depends on the size of the generator house. If it is big, it must be given a separate number but if it small then there is no need to number it separately.

B. Yes, it is correct not to number the generator house because nobody lives in the generator house, and it is not a major building.

C. No, it was wrong not to have given the generator house a separate number because it is an existing structure physically on ground and all structures must be accounted for during the Census.

14. What type of Housing Unit will you classify the building 23 entirely occupied by Abdul-Maliki Usman and his family?
A. Secondary Housing Unit for same Household.
B. Occupied Housing Unit

15. How many Households live in the Alhaji Usman’s Compound during the Census?
A. Three
B. Two
C. Four
D. Five
E. One

16. If you are a Supervisor and  while doing your building numbering and household listing, you have numbered up to building 16 and your next structure to number is the structure displayed above. what number should you give to the structure above?
A. 17 and 18
B. 18 only
C. 17 only

17. What is the wall type of the structure displayed above?

A. Cement/Blocks/Bricks
B. Metal/Zinc Sheet
C. Stone
D. Tiles

18. What is the roof type of the structure displayed above?
A. Slate/Asbestos
B. Roofing Tiles
C. Cement/Concrete
D. Long span sheets
E. Corrugated metal /Zinc sheets

19. What is the wall type of the structure displayed above?

A. Tiles
B. Stone
C. Cement/Blocks/Bricks
D. Metal/Zinc Sheets

20. The structure above is a mosque and Mr Uka sleeps in the structure every night. What is the use of the building displayed above
A. Residential with social services
B. Non Residential
C. Residential with Religious services
D. Residential Only

21. What is the roof type of the structure displayed above?
A. Slate/Asbestos
B. Cement/Concrete
C. Long span sheets
D. Roofing Tiles
E. Corrugated metal/Zinc sheets

Kindly check back as we update the Answers to the Questions.

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