Npower Work Nation Update: Why you can't find Work Nation Test Notification

Some beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 1 Npower Programme have complained about their inability to find the Work Nation Test Notification on their NASIMS Profile Dashboards at www.nasims.gov.ng.

Recall that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development introduced the Work Nation Programme to the Npower beneficiaries as a way of reducing alarming rate of unemployment in the country.

Through the Work Nation Programme, Npower beneficiaries will be trained and retrained, and connected to opportunities across the globe which include Job Placement and access to business Loan.

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The Work Nation Programme as at now is specifically for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries who recently completed their 1 year Npower Programme. It does not apply to Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries or any other Batch yet.

As a beneficiary of the Batch C1 Npower Programme, here are reasons why you couldn't find Work Nation Test Notification on your Dashboard.

Why You can't find Work Nation Test Notification on your NASIMS Dashboard

1. Your Profile is on "Keep me Logged in"

If you frequently Log into your NASIMS Profile, you would be taken directly to your NASIMS Dashboard immediately you hit "Log in", especially if you use " Keep me Logged in".

This also happens when your password is save in Google Chrome and you have been using the "Keep me Logged in" tab.

In this aspect, you may see the Work Nation Test Notification appear but later disappeared, before you could start taking the Test.

What to do to make the Work Nation Test Notification pop up again is to Sign Out and Log in again. That's the simple solution.

Note that by taking the Work Nation Test, you consent to enrolling for the Work Nation Programme on https://worknation.ng.

2. You haven't been Selected

As a Batch C1 Npower beneficiary, you will not see the Work Nation Test Notification if you have not been selected to take the Test.

This is because the Work Nation Eligibility Test is scheduled in Batches to prevent the NASIMS Portal from crashing, due to too much traffic.

It shouldn't make you panic as "not being selected now" does not mean not mean being Rejected for the Work Nation Programme.

Keep checking back in your Profile to know when you have been scheduled to take the Work Nation Eligibility Test. 

The Work Nation Test Notification may appear on the Profiles of the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries or Applicants but they can not proceed to take the Test.

As a Batch C2 Npower beneficiary or an Applicant who sees the Work Nation Test Notification on your Dashboard whenever you log in, kindly continue to view your profile by clicking on "May be Later".

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