Npower Batch C2 Redeployment: NASIMS sets condition for Inter-LGA and Inter-State Redeployment

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIM) has changed the procedure for requesting for Redeployment, stating two condition upon which batch C2 Npower beneficiaries would be considered for Redeployment.

Unlike the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries who were able to freely request for Redeployment, a Batch C2 Npower beneficiary can only be redeployed on a condition of Health or Marital Reasons.

This means that a Batch C2 Npower beneficiary can apply for Redeployment if there is a proof of being Sick and need to get closer to a Hospital where the person is being treated or a need to get closer to one's Husband or Wife.

There are 2 Types of Npower Redeployment which are discussed below:

1. Inter-State Redeployment:

This is a type of Redeployment when an Npower Beneficiary wishes to move one's Place of Primary Assignment from one State to another.

For Instance, an Npower beneficiary was resident in Kano during the time of Registration. However, due to one situation or the other, the Npower beneficiary relocated to Abuja.

During the period of Deployment, Npower Management would have posted the beneficiary in Kano which is the stated State of Residence during the Npower Registration.

In this case, the Npower beneficiary can apply to be redeployed to Abuja which is the current State of Resident.

For the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries, NASIMS stated that the process for Interstate Redeployment goes like this:

1. Beneficiaries are to write a mail to the NPower situation room using the address npowersupport@nsip.gov.ng or npowerinfo@nsip.gov.ng (based on both health and marital reasons only)

2. Mail is reviewed and focal persons and program managers are contacted on these changes, so they’re aware.

3. Focal persons and desk officers are also notified to effect deployment after previous deployment has been revoked from the backend.

2. Intra-State Deployement:

In Intra-State Redeployment, an Npower beneficiary may wish to be redeployed from one Local Government to another (Inter-LGA) or from one PPA to another PPA within a State.

A Batch C2 Npower beneficiary who wish to change from one LGA to another LGA within the same State should do the following:

1. Firstly contact the NPower Support Center for change of LGA of residence through the NASIMS Self Service Portal at www.nasims.gov.ng or call NASIMS Support Center 092203102018888148 or send a mail to redeployment.npower.nasims.gov.ng

2. When this change is effected successfully, he/she can now proceed to their SSP portal for redeployment.

The two conditions stated above is applicable in Inter-LGA Redeployment but may not be considered in Change of PPA.

Change of PPA is simpler. An Npower Beneficiary can decide to change PPA basically during Deployment and the Beneficiary was "Rejected".

Rejection can be self motivated - may be the beneficiary doesn't like the PPA or neccessitted by the PPA Authority - When the PPA does not need more beneficiaries or based on the Head of PPA assessment on a beneficiary.

Change of PPA can also be necessary when the PPA is far from the beneficiary's place of Residence. As much as possible, the Npower management tries posting Npower beneficiaries to PPAs where they would not spend much of their monthly Stipends on Transport.

If there is a need to Change PPA, an Npower beneficiary can seek for a change of PPA by doing the following:

1. Login to your self-service portal www.nasims.gov.ng and click the "deployment" tab

2. Click the “redeployment” button.

3. Click on “see the available PPAs”

4. Click on “apply for redeployment”

5. Provide redeployment information required.

6. Select a preferred Place of Primary Assignment from the list provided

7. Click "Submit Request"

Alternatively, a Batch C2 Npower beneficiary can contact the NPower Support Center for change of PPA through the NASIMS Self Service Portal at www.nasims.gov.ng or call NASIMS Support Center 092203102018888148 or send a mail to redeployment.npower.nasims.gov.ng

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