Npower Work Nation Test: What your Score says about your Eligibility

The Work Nation Programme for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries is not for all the 510,000 exited Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries. This shocked you right? Just follow to know more.

It is a competition, it is a talent hunt. It is a test to find out who and who are eligible to participate in the Work Nation Programme. That's why the Test is named Work Nation "Eligibility" Test.

If the Work Nation Programme is for all the exited Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries, then there wouldn't have been a need for a prequalifying or eligibility Test.

So your Score in the Work Nation Eligibility Test stands you out, qualifies you to be considered for the Work Nation Programme.

Remember, through the Work Nation Programme, qualified Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries will be trained and retrained, and connected to opportunities across the globe which include Job Placement and access to business loans.

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Work Nation Programme prepares talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the "nature of work" and "skill set demands".

Work Nation Programme offers training and job opportunites in the areas of Business Analysis, Customer Service, Engineering, Accounting, Management, Construction, Full Stack Development, Petroleum Engineering, Administrative Assistant, Marketing, Customer Service Representative, Aviation, Sales Management, Mechanical Engineering, Data Analyst, Human Resources, and more.

The question now is, what is the Cut-off Mark for the Work Nation Eligibility Test?

Competition and ability to stand out defines the Private Sector. Training and Retraining comes with series of Tests or Exams too.

Selecting the number of Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries to participate in the Work Nation Programme will be based on the "highest Score down to 70% Mark". You may have guessed 50% Mark but that would have been if there was mass failure.

Why highest Score down to 70% Mark? It's clear already that a lot of the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries have score above 70% Mark and that makes the selection process more competitive.

A lot of the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries scored above 90% as well as above 80% Mark. So scoring 50% or even 60% puts you behind many others. Moreover, the best is needed, and not all.

The worknation.ng also known as outsourceglobal.com is prepared for sourcing the best candidates and best talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the "nature of work" and "skill set demands". It is a global outsourcing agent known for performance and credibility as an innovation-driven organization.

So, if you have taken the Work Nation Eligibilty Test and Scored above 70%, you have made a footing but selection will begin from the highest score, then downwards.

If you have not taken the Work Nation Eligibility Test, do not be in a haste, pause, think and make a good start. This information has charged you to embrace an opportunity with a clear target. Set your target right and have a clean shot.

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