Npower Work Nation Test Update: Closing Date for Npower Work Nation Test

In Todays Latest Npower Work Nation Test Update, we will be clarifying some enquiries Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries are making as regards the  Npower Batch C1 Work Nation Eligibility Test.

It is notable that the Npower Work Nation Eligibility Test is only for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries who just completed their 1 year Npower Programme.

Npower Work Nation is an exit strategy prepared only for the Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries as a way of empowering them with skills, training them for employment as the federal govermnent moves to reduce unemployment rate in the country.

In our previous Npower Work Nation Update, we clarified that the worknation.ng also known as outsourceglobal.com is prepared for sourcing the best candidates and best talents to meet specific industry needs in line with global shifts in the "nature of work" and "skill set demands". It is a global outsourcing agent known for performance and credibility as an innovation-driven organization.

The Work Nation Eligibilty Test will be used to select the best performing Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries that would participate in the Npower Work Nation Programme.

As at now, the Work Nation Eligibilty Test has no fixed closing date or deadline.

The Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries are however encouraged to take the Test immediately they see the notification on their NASIMS Profiles at www.nasims.gov.ng.

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According to the National Social Investment Management System  (NASIMS), Batch C1 Npower Beneficiaries should take the test through their Nasims self service portal where most of their Npower information will automatically be extracted to enable them take the test.

"Do not access the WORKNATION site directly via their site address www.worknation.ng as your personal information might be missing", NASIMS warned.

The Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries should also note that having a high score in the Work Nation Eligibilty Test provides more chances of being selected among the best candidates.

Some Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries have also complained that they have not received their August Stipend.

The Batch C1 Npower beneficiaries who have not recieved their August Stipend have been advised by NASIMS to send a complaint to npowersupport@nsip.gov.ng for resolution of their payment issues.

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