Npower Batch C: NASIMS reshapes Intra and Inter-state Npower Redeployment Process

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has issued new directives to Npower beneficiaries who may wish to redeploy within or out side their current States of Residence.

In due consideration of the plight of the beneficiaries and to ensure proximity to Places of Primary Assignment, the management has ensured that all beneficiaries who may wish to be reposted, recieve responses within 48 hours.

According to NASIMS, "after successful completion of the redeployment request, you will be contacted within 48 hours of status of request."

"If you are not contacted within 48 hours, please call the customer care number on 092203102, 018888148," the Npower Management added.

NEW and Simplified Npower Redeployment Process

The Npower Redployment Process is classified into two: Intra State (Redeployment within your State) and Inter- State Redeployment (Redeployment outside your State).

Inter-State Redeployment: NASIMS advised that "all redeployment requests to different state of residence should please send an email to redeployment.npower@nasims.gov.ng stating the reason(s) for redeployment and attach supporting documents where necessary."

Intra-State Redeployment: According to NASIMS, Redeployment to change PPA within state of residence should follow the instruction below:

1. Login to your self-service portal www.nasims.gov.ng and click the "deployment" tab

2. Click the “redeployment” button.

3. Click on “see the available PPAs

4. Click on “apply for redeployment

5. Provide redeployment information required.

6. Select a preferred Place of Primary Assignment from the list provided

7. Click "Submit Request"

Also, the following channels may be utilized for complaints or enquiresDedicated support center: 

01888340, 092203102, 018888148 or 018888189

Email: support.npower@nasims.gov.ng

Live chat: www.nasims.gov.ng 

or USSD: *45665#

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