NASIF Start Up Grant: All You need to know about National Startup Investment Fund Grant

As an online User, you may have come across a text message from NASIF or MAlart recently stating that "National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF) Portal is live, apply for startup Grant of up to N1 million today".

You may have wondered why the National Start up Investment Grant notification text message was specifically for you, or how the operators of the said NASIF Grant got your Phone Number.

Now wonder no more, Myinfoclock Daily Info Update team are always here to ensure you stay updated, knowledgeable and scam free especially as fraudulent empowerment grant and loan programmes have become the order of the day.

According to the information contained on the NASIF Grant Website https://nationalstartupinvestmentfund.com, "the goal of the 2022 program seeks to empower and create a baseline of 100,000 new businesses through funding and mentorship for new and existing businesses and business ideas.

"The program is designed to assist Nigerians between the ages of 18 to 65 to acquire seed capital and develop life-long skills for becoming change makers in their communities and players in the domestic and global markets."

Analysis on the National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF Grant) Website https://nationalstartupinvestmentfund.com showed that the operators of the said grant do not have the capacity to fund any business as the programme is entirely shady.

The National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF Grant) Website https://nationalstartupinvestmentfund.com WHOIS Information https://www.whois.com/whois/nationalstartupinvestmentfund.com showed that the Namecheap crafted Website is not Registered under any Funding Organisation. The Organization's supposed address is in Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland.

As a funding institution or an organisation which has intention of operating in Nigeria, it must be Registered and certified credible to offer it's stated services, and must have a contact address domiciled in the country, especially as it requests for Applicants "Sensitive" Details (NIN and BVN) to complete the application.

Again, the National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF Grant) Website https://nationalstartupinvestmentfund.com has an incomplete Contact Line +234 232344 which deprives an applicant ability to confirm the Programme. It however has a contact e-mail address which it's communication is end to end, and can not guarantee authenticity of such Grant Scheme.

The National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF Grant) lacks credibility, not operated or sponsored by any organistaion, not affiliated to any organistaion (governmental or non-governmental), and has shady contacts (Phone Line, Facebook Page, Instagram Page).

The National Startup Investment Fund (NASIF Grant) is Fake and a scam meant to "phish" applicants sensitive information for a more organised crime.

Online users who recieved the text message are either applicants of a failed Fake Loan, Grant, empowerment schemes, or individuals whose phone numbers may have been stolen from social groups.

In the past and of recent, there have been increasing attempts by fraudsters to recreate Federal Government programmes in other to "Phish" victims essential data, and used them for organised financial scams on the victims or directly Scam them of their Money.

Such identified Fake and Scam Programmes include:

1Nigeria Youth Empowerment 2021

2. FAKE Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Empowerment Programme Application Link

3. National Alliance for Poverty Eradication ( NAPE Loan)

4. Fake NYIF Loan 1

5. Fake NYIF Loan 2

6. REREF Loan

7. NSEIP Loan, among others.

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