Is NAPE Soft Loan Fake or Real | Learn more about National Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Nigeria

National Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Nigeria NAPE Soft Loan legit or Fake

Many Nigerians are eager to know whether a Loan Programme named NAPE Soft Loan is Fake or Real. This becomes necessary as the Bank Verification Number (BVN), Bank Details, NIN and other personal information are required for the application of the said Loan Scheme.

According to a website www.napeng.com.ng which proposes the soft loans to Nigerians under an Empowerment body termed National Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Nigeria, "the National Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Nigeria (NAPE) is a non-profit making group and it was driven by Nigeria's youth concern for economic growth, support for the industry, innovation and infrastructural development, food security and eradication of hunger and poverty totally, this need has to do with the new Sustainable Development Goals, to be specific the SDGs 1 (No Poverty), 2 (Zero hunger), and 3 (industry, innovation and infrastructure) which call for ending of economic recession, extreme poverty, hunger, rapid improvement in innovation by 2030 in the World."

The Statement in quote above indicates that NAPE Soft Loan is not sponsored by the Nigerian Governments, both State or Federal Government. The purported Loan Programme is rather sponsored by an unnamed non-governmental organization.

NAPE proposes a Loan offer of N50,000 - N200,000 as Personal Loan and N100,000 - N500,000 as Corporate Loan.

The purpose of the NAPE Soft Loan by "description" is genuine and needed in Nigeria but the major fear is that it is organised by an unknown group or body.

The About Information on the Website further states:

"NAPE is an aegis organization of all forms of private poverty elimination organizations in Nigeria. NAPE was established in 2015, in order to bring meaningful change and development to the country, bridge the gap in diversifying Nigeria's economy through strategies that will enhance business growth, self-reliance and social change that provide better conditions and relevant services for Nigerians. This will enable entrepreneurs to represent their interests autonomously and independently to government agencies, traders and processors. Through training, entrepreneurially minded persons can improve their production and marketing, and thus increase their income. NAPE integrates the needs of women and young people into its activities."

"Since the establishment of the alliance despite some financial and personnel shortages have contributed greatly to the eradication of poverty and hunger, economic development in Nigeria. NAPE learned that access to loans and guidance; help in the economic growth and development, because the majority of people are from rural areas in the country and they lack those materials and services. We are an independent group, NAPE is member-founded, guided by its constitution (Bye laws), member-owned, member-controlled and a member-benefiting organisation."

The two quoted statements and many others on the Nape Loan Registration Portal did not reveal the identity of the organisers or the sponsors of the claimed loan programme.

Shockingly, it requests for Means of identification (i.e. photocopy of International Passport or Driver’s License or National Identity Card or Permanent Voter’s Card), BVN, Valid Phone Number, Email address, Statement of purpose of loan, Certificate of Incorporation (CAC) for Business loan, Tax Identification Number for Business loan.

The NAPE Soft Loan portal www.napeng.com.ng has no Contact Page either for enquiry or a means of issue resolution. No Phone Number and no email address for supports on the Nape Loan Registration portal

The claimed Soft Loan Programme also requests that an applicant must pay the sum of N1,000 with payment card which makes the payment cards used on the NAPE Loan Portal vulnerable to online fraud.

On the Whois information of the NAPE Loan Website, the  Registrant Contact, Administrative Contact, Technical Contact and Billing Contact points to one Donald Huele whose Contact Address is Wuse11 Abuja with Phone Number: +90.84647365 and e-mail address: dialogueitsolution@gmail.com. This can be clearly seen at https://www.whois.com/whois/napeng.com.ng

The NAPE Soft Loan is clearly fake as National Alliance for Poverty Eradication in Nigeria is not identified as a legally registered non-governmental organisation in Nigeria nor approved to issue Loan of any kind in Nigeria.

It goes in the way of Empowernigeria2021 which had similar burgos claim but ended up phishing the data of Victms in Nigeria.

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