Nigeria Youths Empowerment 2021 is Fake - Learn more

The gimmicks of fraud and hacking has taken tremendous shapes in Nigeria including perfected structuring and mimicking of real trends but not deviating from the usual intent; to scan, extract, phish, hack or sack.

A website https://empowernigerians2021.web.app claiming that over 745,000 Nigerian Youths have benefited from an on going schematic empowerment Programme allegedly sponsored by the United Nations and International Philanthropists has gone all over the internet.  

"Nigeria Youths Empowerment 2021 is a long term pre-existing insight of the Nigerian Empowerers' NGO. With the support of the United Nations and several Local and International Philantropists, it has been put to sail. This organisation has since its existence empowered not less than 700,000 Nigerian Youths.

"The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of the youths. Several Foreign and Local Philanthropists have seen this as well and in a bid to lift these youths out of poverty have decided to empower these youths. This goal is being set to reality through the Nigeria Youth Empowerers NGO," the website stated.

The Firebase crafted web link is capable of scanning one's device/Smartphones, similar to what you grant an "App" permission to do, and by that extract valuable information for perfecting series of fraudulent approaches on the victim which includes targeted pop-up messages to enable an organised scam on the victim. 

The approach is a high level unpermitted App-like user data access which begins with a "verifiable" Phone Number, and has exposed many unsuspecting victims to danger.

In Nigeria today, there are two popular Youth Empowerment Schemes of such magnitude of targetted beneficiaries: The N-power Programme and the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF).

On the outset of the N-power Programme in 2016, the official website was  https://www.npower.gov.ng which was abandoned upon the institutionalization of the Scheme under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development. Currently, the website for N-power is rooted on the ministry's official website as https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng and the NEXIT - a collaborative N-power Batch A and B transition plan by the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry and CBN hosted on the CBN portal as https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng.

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The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund is currently managed by a CBN licenced Microfinance Bank, the Nirsal Microfinance Bank and official website perfectly housed on the Bank's Official website as https://nmfb.com.ng/nigeria-youth-investment-fund or  https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/Applicants.

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  1. Thank you for enlighten us about the truth and fake of NYE NGO's. Sir about NYIF if I login my email its telling me that message has been sent to my email and the message not deliver why such is happening? Thanks.

    1. Thank You.

      There has been huge traffic on the NYIF portal and that has caused delay on the Verification Token delivery system.

      However, you can now open the portal, click on Login, click on "Didn't get Email Verification Token", Enter your Email Address and Click on "Submit" to request for an Email Verification Token as some improvement have been recently made on the portal.

      Good luck.

  2. I didn't know about this I have already filled the form. Please what can I do. Help me

  3. I have also filled the form also, what can I do now and I filled for others?


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