AFJP Fertilizer Subsidy Grant Disbursements: No half payment made to Beneficiaries

The President Muhammedu Buhari led administration has continued the disbursement of the fund allocated for the AFJP FMARD/Pace Project to thousands of Farmers enumerated under the programme.

Following the commencement of the disbursement, Friday, a number of Farmers have queried the disbursement of as low as N3,000 as the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant instead of N250,000 or N300,000 reported by online publications as the grant amount per benefiting Farmer.

Daily Info Update within the period of the false claim made a publication clarifying that many farmers enumerated under the FMARD Pace AFJP Fertilizer Subsidy Grant would recieve below N6,000.

This was based on an official report from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) which indicated that the fund was distributed to the enumerated Farmers based on the size of their farms.

While the disbursement has continued today, the paid farmers have asserted that the N3,000 may be a part of the full amount that would be disbursed to the farmer, purporting that it may be a way to test their bank accounts before the full disbursement commences.

According to an earlier statistical report from the Ministry, the payments made to the benefiting farmers are full payment and not part or half payment.

The Ministry in the report clarified that "the Minimum individual subsidy amount a farmer will recieve is N3,000 and the maximum individual subsidy amount a farmer will recieve is N24,000".

By descrption and aggregation, the N3,000 represents a bag of Fertilizer. A Farmer with a farm size of about 0.45ha and below is entitled to 1 bag of Fertlizer at N3,000 while a Farmer with about 0.50 - 0.70 ha would recieve 2 bags of Fertilizer at N6,000. Also, a Farmer with 0.75ha but less than 1ha is accorded 3-4 bags valued at N9,000 to N12,000 while a Farmer with 1ha would recieve 5 bags of Fertilizer valued at N3,000 each bag times 5 (N15,000). The larger the size, the bigger the grant.

Enumerated Farmers on the category of Animal Production are however granted below N6,000 according to the data from the Ministry.

The Ministry further clarified that out of the N6,096,097,520 earlier reported to have been earmarked for the AFJP Fertilizer Subsidy Grant, N5,191,530,730 was released to the 1,013,126 Farmers enumerated under the programme.

 A quick check of the possible amount a farmer can recieve can be obtained simply by dividing 5,191,530,730 by 1,013,126 which is N5,124, not N250,000 or N300,000 as falsely reported by many online publications.

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