Facebook down: What is really happening to Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram


To the amazement of the world and all social media lovers, it was like a major power outage in Nigeria when Facebook went offline this afternoon.

Shockingly, Whatsapp and Instagram suffered the sudden outage too. What's really going on? Is the world coming to an end today? - the speculation widens.

Reports emerging worldwide from Down Detector indicates that Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram have been down world wide as many comments from different countries of the world said they could not access the three Zukerberg's Social Media Sites from their ends.

The United State of America so far has the highest number of reports asking why they could no longer access Facebook this afternoon.

Countries in Asia, Africa and Europe also reported that Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are down at their ends in the last 24 hours, reported Down Detector.

This is definitely a bad day  for businesses worldwide.

While it is not yet known the reason for the sudden outage, it is however believed that Mark Zukerberg and his team has all that is required to get the social media Websites back and running in the next 24 hours.

But that will not be without financial lose to a lot of people doing businesses with the Social Media Websites world wide.

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