AFJP farmers to receive less than N6000 as Fertilizer Subsidy Grant

The farmers enumerated under the Agric for Food and Job Plan (AFJP) Fertilizer subsidy grant will  soon begin receiving their Fertilizer grants as the federal government intensifies effort to rectify all hitches hampering the commencement of the disbursement.

The delay in the commencement of the payment was necessitated by the need to ensure that the enumerated farmers who have not had their Bank Accounts linked to their BVN do so in order to facilitate seamless fund transfer to their verified Bank Accounts, a source disclosed.

According to a confirmed State by State statistical report on the distribution of the enumerated AFJP Farmers across the federation indicating Farm Size, Amount of Grant etc as released by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development  (FMARD), each of the eligibe Farmers will receive a fertilizer grant of N3,000 to N5,000 depending on the size of their farms.

The statistical report quells a wide rumour in circulation that the farmers will be granted a large sum of N250,000 to 500,000 each as Fertilizer Grant.

Earlier before now, the Federal Government had earmarked N6,154,802,000 for the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant which is meant to cover 1,209,143 enumerated Farmers across the 36 States plus FCT eligible for the Grant disbursement. 

A simple analysis on the budgeted fund and the number of targetted farmers shows that each of the eligible farmers is entitled to below N6,000 which will be shared according to farm size, as the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant. However, for reasons best known to FMARD, some few farmers are slated to recieve slightly above N6,000.

The Fertlizer Subsidy Grant is an initiative of the President Mohammadu Buhari led administration to support vulnerable Small Holder Farmers in Nigeria increase productivity. 

The Grant is executed and coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development under the Project for Agriculture Cordination and Execution (FMARD/PACE) AJFP Project.

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