N-power Batch C: Why September Stipend will not be paid

The beneficiaries of the Batch C Stream 1 N-power Programme have clamored for the payment of the September Stipends especially as they commenced Physical Verification in the Month, some of the beneficiaries resumed work in September, and as obtainable in the past.

However, having mirrored the new look of events surrounding the Batch C N-power Programme, it will be futile to expect the September Payment.

Here are several reason why the September Stipends will not be paid to the successful Batch C Stream 1 N-power beneficiaries:

1. Physical Verification is still on going

It is evident that the Physical Verification of the 510,000 successful beneficiaries is on going in many States.

There were situations that interfered with the initial schedule. This prompted the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to communicate new deadlines  to the N-power Beneficiaries.

As long as the Physical Verification is on going, the N-power Beneficiaries are not expected to engage in any duty in any of their respective Places of Primary Assignment.

2. Official date has been communicated

The Ministry has announced that the official date for resumption of duty for the new beneficiaries is 4th October, 2021.

According to the Ministry, "If you are done with your Physical Verification, take a break for now!"

This clearly indicates that 4th October will be the only and official resumption date for the N-power Programme. Which means that the first payment for the N-power Batch C beneficiaries will be made by the end of October.

3. No job has been done

With the transfer of the N-power Programme from the office of the Vice President to the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, there will be no doubt that changes will exist.

The N-power Programme by its description is a work and earn programme whereby the N-power Beneficiaries are paid for doing their assigned duties, and whereby a beneficiaries who fails to abide by the stipulated guidelines, may be considered eligible to leave the programme.

The Ministry can not pay for a month the volunteers did not work. In fact, a monthly payment for the 450,000 Graduates and 60,000 Non graduates will cost the Federal Government 14.1 billion each month.

4. It is a way of buying time

Asides the fact that the beneficiaries did not work in the Month of September, the Ministry may have wished to save some cash by buying more time which prompted the new commencement date.

For now, all the beneficiaries can do is to take a break for now if they are done with their Physical Verification.

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  1. Only a month stipend will not be enough I suggest it should be more than 3month


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