N-power: When Batch C Payment will commence, Current N-power Salary Structure and Duration

The N-power programme has remained one of the credible ways the President Mohammadu Buhari led administration has used to alleviate poverty in Nigeria.

Since its launch in 2016, about 500,000 Nigerians aged between 18-35 have benefited from the Programme in two separate batches: 2016 Batch A made up of 200,000 beneficiaries and 2017 Batch B made up of 300,000 beneficiaries, including people living with disabilities (PWDs). 

Both categories have been disengaged from the Programme after spending at least 2years in the delivery of civil service related duties to their designated Places of Primary Assignment.  

While the core concept of the Programme has not changed over time, the amount of money paid to the beneficiaries monthly and the duration of the Programme have been reviewed.

Giving reason for this decision, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk disclosed that the N-power programme has been redesigned to accommodate more Nigerians yearly unlike in the past when a beneficiaries can spend 2 years or more in the programme.

Before the detailing of the current salary structure and Duration of the Programme, let's make it clear that what the Federal Government pays N-power Beneficiaries is not called Salary because even though they are paid monthly, they are not fully employed by the Government.The payment made to the beneficiaries are preferably termed Stipend.

Currently, according to the Humanitarian Affairs Minister during the flag-off of the 2020/2021 Batch C Stream 1 N-power Programme in Abuja, the N-power Beneficiaries will be paid as follows:

The Graduate Category: N-Teach, N-Health and N-Agro will be paid N30,000 monthly, for a period of 12 Months (1 Year). 

The Non-Graduate Category otherwise known as N-power Knowledge which includes N-Build, N-Tech Hardware, N-Tech Software and the N-Creative will be paid a monthly Stipend of N10,000 for 9 Months (3 months in house training and 6 Months Field Work).

The Non-Graduate category however has an added advantage as they will be given free tools, depending on the category, which they can own after the programme. For instance, each of the N-Tech beneficiaries is gifted a free Laptop while each of the N-build beneficiaries gets fully equipped tool box according to chosen field.

When will N-Power Batch C Stream 1 payment commence

Following the flag-off of the N-power Batch C Stream 1, it is assumed that the programme has started as the Minister has issued engagement letter to 510 beneficiaries used to celebrate the flag off in Abuja.

However, many of the beneficiaries have not been officially posted to their Places of Primary Assignment. 

Immediately the posting is made and the beneficiaries report to their PPAs, full engagement has been activated and the beneficiaries would be paid by the end of that month. 

The Month of August is almost ending and the beneficiaries can not be paid for a month they did not work for. Also, payment will not commence by the end of September, 2021 because of the ongoing Physical Verification. By the end of October in which the Stipend payment will commence, an interval of 1-10 days will usually be given to process the payment after the month end. However, the Minister has promised prompt payment through the introduction of NASIMS Platform and Management.  

Device for N-power Batch C 

The Graduate Categories are usually given portable Devices such as Tablets however, the Ministry has promised no Device for the Batch C N-power Beneficiaries. Even the Batch B did not recieve any Device.

Will there be Exit Package for the Batch C N-power Beneficiaries 

Yes, the Ministry stated that there is an Exit Proceedure for the beneficiaries at the end of their programme, but did not reveal the strategy or nature of the exit programme.

The Batch A and B had a similar promise of exit package such as NEXIT Loan, but till date, the NEXIT Loan has not been disbursed  to the beneficiaries and other components not  granted.

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