N-power Batch C: 450,000 Graduates, 60,000 Non Graduates made final list in Stream 1 - Farouk

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk has disclosed that 510,000 beneficiaries have made the final list of the successful beneficiaries of the 2020/2021 Batch C Stream 1 N-power Programme.

Speaking during the flag-off of the N-power Batch C Stream 1 in Abuja, Monday, the Minister stated that "under Batch C Stream 1, a total of 450,000 beneficiaries have been selected to benefit under the Graduate component, while 60,000 beneficiaries will be Non-Graduate beneficiaries".

Farouk explained that “Batch C is divided into 2 streams: Stream C1 of 510,000 beneficiaries and stream C2 for 490,000 beneficiaries".

She furthered that the successful beneficiaries who made it through to the final selection stage are to work in 3 core segments, namely: 

A) N-Power Volunteer Corps which is the Graduate programme

B) N-Power Build which is a Non-Graduate programme

C) N-Power Knowledge which is also a non-graduate programme but deliberately designed on ICT skills.

“The Graduate Programme is further sub-divided into N-Teach under which volunteers are trained and attached as assistant teachers in primary schools. The N-Agro volunteers are attached as extension agents to support farmers to obtain better performance, while the N-Health volunteers are trained and attached to work as public health assistants mainly in public Primary Healthcare facilities. The N-Health volunteers are also trained to provide basic diagnostic services in the Primary Health Care Development Centres and will teach preventive healthcare to community members including pregnant women, children, families and individuals especially in rural areas.

“The Non-Graduate programme targets youth in the age bracket of 18-35 with a minimum of secondary school education. The Programme seeks to deliver skills to Job/enterprise through accelerated training and certification. They are trained, tooled and transitioned to take up jobs as Electrical Installation Technicians, plumbing and pipe-fitting installers, masons, carpentry and joinery experts, automobile technicians, Agric technicians and hospitality experts.

“It includes the N-Tech Hardware, N-Tech Software and the N-Creative training programmes. Volunteers are strategically attached to carefully selected Places of Primary Assignments (PPAs) where they will provide technical services while also receiving work experience.

“The N-Power Knowledge (Hardware, Software and Creative) as a non-graduate programme has 3-months and 6 months components for training beneficiaries on foundational, vocational, life and entrepreneurial skills, and also apprenticeship. It has 3 tracks: Hardware training; Software Training and Creative (Animation and Script Writing). The first 3-month training component is delivered at 6 selected locations, one in each geo-political zone, to be followed by a six-month internship in the respective States of residence of the trainees", Farouk explained.

Speaking on the Payment of the N-power beneficiaries, Farouk noted that “the N-Power Volunteer (Graduates) are entitled to a monthly stipend of N30,000 for a period of one year."

"The Non-graduate beneficiaries are entitled to N10,000 monthly stipends for a period of 9 months. All beneficiaries are granted an appropriate starter pack for their trade to enable them to start their businesses in their chosen trades." 

“The N-Power programme deployed an online application and selection strategy to ensures fairness, transparency and credibility in the recruitment process. The programme commenced in the Office of the Vice President back in June 2016 when the application portal was first opened. Over 750,000 applications were received, out of which, 200,000 beneficiaries were screened and selected into the first batch called Batch A. The portal was opened again in June 2017 where over 2.5 million applications were received, from which another 300,000 volunteers were selected into the programme as Batch B,”she added.

The Minister applauded President Muhammadu Buhari for his administration’s unwavering efforts in eradicating poverty in Nigeria and for supporting and sustaining the National Social Investment Programme.

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