N-power Batch C: Tension heighten among pre-selected applicants as Deployment, Uploading of Letters continue

Tension has heightened among the pre-selected applicants of the Batch C N-power Programme following the announcement by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development that it has shortlisted 510,000 beneficiaries for the first Stream of the 1 Million Batch C N-power Programme.

The Minister, Sadiya Umar Farouk, in a break down noted that the successful  beneficiaries made up of 450,000 Graduates and 60,000 Non-Graduates were selected among the 550,000 Applicants earlier pre-selected for Biometric enrolment, after meeting the stipulated guidelines provided by the Ministry. 

Atmosphere of uncertainty has enveloped the minds of the pre-selected applicants who troop in numbers to ascertain their status in the NASIMS Portal www.nasims.gov.ng, resulting in the malfunction of the Portal.

The quest for who made the final list and who did not make the list has kept many awake even at midnights, in attempt to know if one is among the 40,000 preselected applicants that have been benched or among the 510,000 that have been granted Federal Government's apron string in a bitting time.

The applicants are however encouraged not to panic as the present error messages such as "Transaction failed, try again later" experienced on the portal are caused by huge traffic on the NASIMS Portal, limiting accessibility of the portal.

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The applicants are also urged to note that Deployment is on going and no deadline has been specified for the uploading of the duly signed posting letter which is downloadable in the NASIMS Portal, if successful.

Each successful applicant once able to log into the portal is encouraged to correct any data error suggested by NASIMS on his/her profile, download the Posting Letter, move to his/her PPA for signing of the letter by the head of the PPA, while the beneficiary uploads thesame downloaded and signed Letter back to the NASIMS Portal.

In this method, successful applicants are not offered acceptance letters by the head of the PPA as it was the case in the past. A beneficiary only needs to visit his/her PPA, present the letter for the head to sign and upload thesame.

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