N-power NEXIT: How to be a solution to your NEXIT Registration wahala

In every technical process, problems are likely to rise at some points but in most cases, they do not confer a permanent damage on the process.

The N-power Registrations since inception have been hectic particularly as a result of number but have always been systematically and perfectly overturned. Understanding ways of fast-tracking one's registration is the key to beating competition during N-power Registrations as the 500,000 N-power Beneficiaries jostle for the NEXIT option.

For most of the technically induced issues on the NEXIT Portal such as e-mail validation, it has been confirmed that the website can deliver the verification email in less than 24hours simply by making a new request at https://nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/activation. While you may recieve a personalised registration link for all defined issues, one who has e-mail verification issues can easily make a new request, get it in less than a day and proceed to complete the Record Upload part of the registration.  

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More difficult issues fall under the following:

1. Email address not existing anymore such as the Naij.com e-mail issue.

2. Forgotten your N-power e-mail  password and can no longer retrieve it, thereby preventing you from accessing your N-power emails.

3.  Still unable to log in  upon recieving verification mail as result of:
  (a) System error
  (b) Lost your NEXIT login password or
  (c) Exceeded specified limits on the website

4. Not recognised as an N-power Beneficiaries even after putting in your details rightly during Sign up.

Having spotted such grave impediment, the Special Assistant to Sadiya Umar Farouk on Media and Publicity, Nneka Ikem Anibueze brought out an Email Update Google Form https://bit.ly/38rdI9r but unfortunately, some N-power Beneficiaries who could not read in between the lines called it a fraud thereby disuading many who had such issues.

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It is advisable that anyone who has any of the listed problems proceeds to fill the form so that all N-power Beneficiaries can be carried along as much as possible.

Filling the Form:

N-power Beneficiaries who have issues as in No 1 and 2 above are to provide a new e-mail address as specified on the Form.

Those who have issues as indicated in No 3 and No 4 above, on the Space for providing a new e-mail, just state the problem such as:

(i) Unable to log in after verification email was sent

(ii) Forgot NEXIT log in Password.

(iii) Can't log in due to exceeded limit of attempts.

(iii) Not recognised as an N-power beneficiary on the NEXIT Portal) 

Do note that the more specific one's complaint gets the more specific and easy one's solution would be.

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