NEXIT: Differences between Fake and Real NEXIT Email Update Google Form | Do not fall a victim

A lot of N-power Beneficiaries may have noticed alerts on a fake NEXIT Email Update Google Form circulating  through Facebook and Whatsapp recently.

The Fake Google Form was designed to financially extort unsuspecting N-power Beneficiaries through a fake e-mail resolution promise, steal their essential information for the purpose of a bigger financial Scam or obtain and sell their records for other fraudulent activities.

Is there a real Google Form for the NEXIT Email Update?

Yes there is. 

RecallBreaking: NEXIT, FMHDS introduces Google Form for Complaints Resolution

What are the differences between a Fake and a Real Email Update Google Form? 

The major difference is the source of the Form i.e. where you got it from. Every other assumeable difference is insignificant as such can be carefully crafted.

Google Form is a proud product of Google LLC through which official data can be obtained efficiently without involving too many skills. It is simple, concise and effective. It remains an Office Tool.

However, due to it's simplicity and effectiveness, many fraudsters now leverage on it for free data Phishing order than spending on building a website or learning technical skills for managing a website.

Anyone who has a Gmail account can design a replica of any Google Form easily. That's why care needs to be taken.

The Official Google Form for the N-power NEXIT Email Update is on the official Twitter handle of Mrs Nneka Ikem Anibueze at https://mobile.twitter.com/nnekaikem1 or directly through https://bit.ly/38rdI9r.

Who is Mrs Nneka Ikem Anibueze?

She is the Special Assistant to the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadiya Umar Farouk, on Media and Publicity.  Her official Twitter handle is https://mobile.twitter.com/nnekaikem1

The Google Form was created because many N-power Beneficiaries have deliberately bombarded the Supports Email Addresses with unspecified complaints, making it difficult to resolve all the thousands of issues. Subsquentially, more issues would be resolved in the like approach.

Who is Eligible to Fill the Form?

1. Beneficiaries who want to change their e-mail addresses. That is, those who want to change the e-mail address used for N-power which has prevented them from loggin in to the NEXIT Portal. Naij.com e-mail users, say yay!

2. Beneficiaries who can no longer access their e-mail addresses used for the N-power program and wish to change it. You lost your N-power Email password, can't retrieve it, this for you.

3. Those who cannot log into the NEXIT Portal.

This include:

A) If you recieved verification code and still cannot login.

B) If the portal does not recognise you as an N-power Beneficiaries even after putting in your details rightly during Sign up.

C) You Forgot your Nexit Log in Password and can't remember your security Answers.

Note: If you fall under this No 3, at the point of providing a new e-mail on the Form, just fill A= (unable to log in after verification email was sent) or B= (not recognised as a beneficiary on the NEXIT Portal) or C= (Forgot NEXIT log in Password).

What Information are Required on the Form?

1. N-power Registration Number: This is available in your NPVN Portal at npvn.npower.gov.ng. Log in with your Phone Number and Pasword, and copy out the your N-power Registration Number

2.  First Name, Middle Name and Surname. Also, make these names align with those in your NPVN Portal

3. Bank Verification Number

4. Old Email Address (used for N-power but you wish to change it)

5. New Email Address (the e-mail address you wish to use in replacing the old one)

6. Your Phone Number (preferably your N-power Phone Number)

While all hands are on deck to resolve all the beneficiaries issues, patience is advised to ensure efficiency in the process.

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