Breaking: Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Application,Training free -Ministry warns

The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development has warned Nigerian youths not to issue cash to anyone as regards the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund Application and the Entrepreneurial Training as many scammers scamper to swindle unsuspecting victims.

In a press Statement yesterday, the Minister for Youth and Sports, Mr Sunday Akin Dare, stated that applicants of the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund "must on no condition pay any individual or organisation for the process which is free" while advising the youths to follow appropriate channels in the course of their registration.

The Minister furthered that "Prospective applicants should access the online form at "https://nfmb.com.ng/nigeria-youth-investment-fund" and can also be redirected from ''www.youthandsports.gov.ng and www.noya.ng" adding that "Applicants should avoid randomly clicking on links purporting to be for the fund and they must also take all the security precautions they would normally take with their personal banking."

The Federal Government had earlier warned the public to be wary of a widely circulating N3 Million Grant purportedly from the Federal Government and targeting unspecting Nigerians with mimicked government website theme and background.

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Mr Dare in the press statement reiterated that the entrepreneurial training bundled with the NYIF loan application is free and should not be paid for noting that "any demand for payment should be immediately flagged as a scam."

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