Happening Now: N-power Beneficiaries lament the deceit of #NextLevelEngagements Campaign in 2019

The Beneficiaries of the N-power Program have decried what they described as a 'use and dump strategy' by the APC led administration as they recall their promises earlier before the 2019 General Election which have turned into a table of rotten delicacies.

In a trending post via the social media, the Beneficiaries described as disappointing and dehumanizing the delay of their disengagement from the N-power Program in 2018 purportedly because it was close to the 2019 General Election, with promises of securing their future with the slogan "our permanency is in our PVC", only to be dumped after returning the present administration  into power.

The Beneficiaries stated:

"When campaigning for next level, Npower volunteers were the first to accepted this movement and they advertised it to their family and friends.

"Many of us thought that npower will be the only way to achieve our desired sustainable employment.

"The program was designed for two years and thus will be stop by 2018 but they extended it for reasons unknown.

"We were told that our permanency is in our PVC and therefore, we encouraged our families and friends to vote for next level.

"Hoping for a better future, N-power volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure next level come to reality but unfortunately they are the first to be drop from the bus.

"Over 500,000 youths and Nigerians aren’t a small amount, each N-power volunteer is representing 10-20 individuals and thus their voices had significant impacted to change the situation.

"After all these promises, now the future of over 500000 individual is in dilemma and uncertain condition."

This is coming after 4 months of disengaging the 500,000 N-power Beneficiaries from the N30,000 Program amidst COVID-19 Pandemic, with a promise of transiting them into MDAs, Federal Government Entrepreneurial Schemes or Public Sector liase in weeks to come but has remained unrealistic even as they battle for survival in uncertainty.  

Recounting the recent turn out of the Program, the N-power Beneficiaries lamented the incessant delay in every part of the Program since it's transfer to the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, ranging from delay of payment of their monthly stipends earlier before their disengagement to omition of payment for more than 14,000 of the beneficiaries and now, the uncertainty of the promised Transition Program during the official announcement of their disengagement. 

The Beneficiaries who noted that they have embarked on several peaceful Protests to remind the Federal Government of their peril but have only attracted more promises which have been watered down the drain, wondered if their unfair treatment was because they are children of the poor and less or no political class.

They had wondered why juicy employements in NNPC, Custom Services, Immigration Services, DSS, Federal Ministries and other Federal Departments and Agencies were dashed to children of the rich or high political classes but temporal N20,000 - N30, 000 Empowernment programs were only meant for the children of the poor, similar to reasons that triggered the recent #EndSARS Protest.

Some of the Beneficiaries have called in for more protests even as the country battle the menace of the recent #EndSARS Protest which ended in bloods and scorn.

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