Npower: Why NASIMS Website is Inaccessible to many Applicants and Beneficiaries Explained

The recent inaccessibility of the NASIMS Portal has generated panic among Npower beneficiaries, and even Npower Applicants who log into the portal from time to time in order to ascertain if they have been shortlisted for the Npower Programme.

While many construed opinions claimed that the Npower Programme has ends as a result of the recent glitch, some believed that NASIMS is making changes in the Portal, in a bid to roll out new programmes.

However, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) when contacted, confirmed that the portal malfunction was an error, assuring that the Technical Team are working to fix the error.

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What Really Happened to NASIMS Portal

What really happened to NASIMS Portal that made it inaccessible is a deep thought for a curious computer student, but to a web developer, it's just a minor issue that needed to be fixed.

The fact is that every website has a means of protecting itself from malwares - softwares that are specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system, or even computer hackers.

When a Website is registered, it is recommended that the owner purchases an Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is certificate issued by Certified Authorities (CAs) to ensure data encryption and by so doing, prevent unauthorised access. Presence of functional SSL Certificate is depicted by by a "locked key" usually before the domain name/website url in green colour.

However, SSL Certification just like a Website Url (Domain Name) is bought for a period of time, which must be renewed periodically as well. The renewal comes with a fee just like registering a Domain Name or the SSL Certificate.

When an SSL Certificate expires, the locked key before the Website Url changes to a triangle, with an exclamation mark inside the triangle. This is a warning Sign.

If you are using an Updated Chrome, Kiwi or Firefox browser on your mobile phone, you may have noticed that there is a warning sign displayed before https://nasims.gov.ng as shown in the picture below:

When you tap the warning sign, a message displays as shown in the picture below:

This means that you should not enter your login details or essential information as there is no guarantee that your information is protected.

In outdated browsers, you may also have noticed that https://nasims.gov.ng is bringing up its identity as a Self Service Portal (SSP) in its url, unlike before. Such browsers now serves NASIMS Portal as https://ssp.nasims.gov.ng.

NASIMS Landing Page

You may have noticed that immidately you want to open the NASIMS Portal, a list of National Social Investment (N-SIP) Programmes appears. This displays Npower, CCT, NHGSFP and GEEP Loan Programmes.

There is nothing new here. If you recalled when the NASIMS Portal was launched on 11th March 2021, you would need to select your programme when migrating to the NASIMS Portal to update information and take test.

You may also have noticed that your browser could not load your saved password and username. Do not panic, these are errors which will be fixed.

What You Should Do

In a time like this, there should be no data entry or alteration. All your previous data are saved at a back end and once the portal becomes fully accessible, you will see your data complete. No one has asked you to update any information in your profile.

Also, if it is possible to stop log in attempts for now, it will be highly appreciated. This will reduce the login requests which is induced by panics and mixed reactions.

Npower beneficiaries should note that Stipend Payment is not tied to the NASIMS Portal yet. In fact, the Batch C2 Npower beneficiaries are using a new payment Platform and that's why your payments are not updated in the NASIMS Portal. Eventhough NASIMS plans to migrate to the NASIMS Portal, wait until you are officially requested to update your information.  

Npower Validation is also not tied to the NASIMS Portal as a new Weblink is used for that purpose. As at now, NASIMS Portal is of no use until you are official told to update your information.

The essence of this post is to clarify that there is no cause for alarm. Npower has not ended and it's not ending any time soon.

Latest on Npower Stipend Payment

The National Social Investment Management System  (NASIMS) on Thursday assured that it's working very hard to re-initiate Stipend Payment very soon.

NASIMS further restated that all eligible beneficiaries will definitely recieve all Stipends owed as Outstanding or Backlog Stipends.  

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