Exciting Update for COVID-19 RRR Applicants as NASSCO readies for Second Batch Disbursement, and Fuel Subsidy Removal Grants Payment | RRR Payment Update Today 17th July 2023

rrr payment update today

In RRR Payment Update today 17th July 2023, we bring to the latest Rapid Response Register (RRR) Payment update today, N30,000 RRR Payment Update, ASCCO COVID-19 RRR Second Batch Disbursment Update and the Fuel Subsidy Removal Grants disbursement which have all formed parts of the National Cash Transfer Programme.

Hope has rekindled on the COVID-19 RRR Payment to the Second Batch Applicants of the NASSCO COVID-19 Rapid Response Register as the Senate approves $800 Million Loan requested by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

This was contained in a report shared by the National Social Safety-Nets Coordinating Office (NASSCO) via it's official Twitter Handle.

Recall that the Interim Head of National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO), Dr Ibraheem Adam, speaking to News Agency of Nigeria in November 2022 said a loan of $800 Million was collected from the World Bank to give to Nigerians.

Adam said it was in pursuance of the Federal Government's commitment to lift 100 Million Nigerians out of Poverty, noting that disbursement of the fund would encourage beneficiaries to come out of poverty, to be productive and establish a sustainable means of livelihood.

In our previous update also, we cited that the Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning (in the Buhari led administration) Mrs. Zainab Ahmed, confirmed that the Federal Government obtained a Loan of $800 Million to upscale the National Social Safety Nets Programme, which will also include the Fuel Subsidy Removal Grant.

Mrs Ahmed noted that the disbursement of the fund was approved by the Senate but was halted by the transition to the President Tinubu Administration. 

President Tinubu in his letter to the National Assembly to amend the 2022 Supplementary Appropriation Act to accommodate his request of N500 Billion for the amelioration of the hardship caused by the Fuel Subsidy Removal, also requested the National Assembly to approve the scale up of the National Social Safety Nets Programme (NASSP), noting that it would have a multiplier effect on about 60 million individuals as a formidable remedy to the effects of the present hardship in the Country.

Following the approval of President Tinubu's Requests, there is indication that the COVID-19 RRR Payment to the Second Batch Applicants and the disbursement of the Fuel Subsidy Removal Grant will be a reality very soon.

As we explained in our previous COVID-19 RRR Payment update, the Rapid Response Register (RRR) for COVID-19 Cash Transfer is a World Bank assisted National Social Safety Nets Project, as a social intervention by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to identify and document the Urban and Semi-urban poor who have lost their income streams and consequently become poorer from the hash economic impact of COVID-19. The RRR Payment is a lump sum of N5,000 monthly cash transfer for six months duration which is usually paid as a N30,000 one time payment.  

Also, the Fuel Subsidy Removal Grant is a Federal Government Grant aimed at cushioning the hardship caused by fuel subsidy removal which has been successfully executed by the Tinubu led Administration. The Fuel Subsidy Grant amount as projected by the former President Buhari Adminstration was N5,000 per beneficiary for six months. Just like the Rapid Response Register (RRR) for COVID-19 RRR Cash Transfer, it can be paid in bulk of N30,000 one-time payment.

However, President Tinubu in his request to the National Assemby, last week, proposed the disbursement of N8,000 per beneficiary to about 12 million households, for a period of six months, in the Fuel Subsidy Removal Grants Programme cordinated under the National Social Safety Nets Programme by NASSCO.

NASSCO responding to a critic of the N8,000 Fuel Subsidy Removal Grant, who queried how it intends to aggregate vulnerable Nigerians and wether vulnerable individuals have bank accounts to ensure the fund reaches to them, clarified that vulnerable individuals already captured in the National Social Register have functional Bank Accounts. 

The Office added that Bank Accounts will be opened for other households that would be added into the cash transfer intervention register.

"a sizable chunk of Nigerians captured in the National Social Register have functional bank accounts. Ditto for many more Nigerians who are potentially eligible for the N8k cash transfer intervention you’ve referenced," NASSCO stated via its Twitter Handle.

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