UPDATE: Ministry releases shocking report on Payment issues, says some beneficiaries caused their problems

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) under the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has released a wide report on the causes of issues that have impeded the payment of many beneficiaries of the Batch C Npower Programme.

Recall that the Npower Management, today, announced that it will be embarking on resolution of payment issues relating to "FAILED Payment" and "NO Payment Data Available". 

In a wide report from NASIMS, it noted that some beneficiaries were the possible cause of the FAILED PAYMENT and NO PAYMENT DATA AVAILABLE which has delayed the payment of such beneficiaries Stipends.

The Team reported that while it ran a check on the Batch C beneficiaries NASIMS profile pages, the following discoveries were made ON SOME BENEFICIARIES PROFILE, which constituted to their inability to get paid:

1) Some beneficiaries did not do the COMPULSORY physical verification exercise which resulted in their profile status CHANGING FROM BENEFICIARY TO APPLICANT.

2) Some Beneficiaries did physical verification exercise, but was not successful resulting in PENDING payment Status or CHANGING FROM BENEFICIARY TO APPLICANT.

3) Some beneficiaries provided Wrong Bank account details which resulted in ACCOUNT INVALIDATION.

4) Some beneficiaries provided No Bank account details which also led to ACCOUNT INVALIDATION.

5) Some beneficiaries did not provide their Bank Verification Number  (BVN) which resulted in ACCOUNT INVALIDATION.

6) While some Batch C Npower beneficiaries had Information mismatch whereby their Information did not tally with those provided in Profiles, BVN or Account Details. Etc.

NASIMS clarified that it has continued the collation of beneficiaries data in a bid to fix all issues while noting that when beneficiaries information are collated and correction effected, the changes would not reflect instantly in the NASIMS Profiles, as the beneficiaries may expect.

The Npower Management however advised for patience among the Npower beneficiaries stating that "after collation of details and resolution of issues, it might take DAYS for the beneficiaries to get paid".

Haven't submitted Account Details to NASIMS? Follow the Method on How to Submit Npower ID and Account Number on Npower Page. Ensure to provide CORRECT Npower ID and Bank Account Details.

Speaking on Supplementary Physical Verification for Batch C Npower beneficiaries who did not participate in the exercise, NASIMS stated that "while collation of Data is ongoing, should there be any further directives regarding provisional supplementary verification for those that missed out, it shall be communicated across."

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  1. NPOWER ID: NPWR/2020/000962788

    Account Name: Eze Cosmas Chinedu

    Account Number: 0002283068

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