Breaking: Resolution of payment issues begins today, NASIMS states, urges beneficiaries to drop their details

The National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has disclosed that the resolution of payment issues of the Batch C Npower beneficiaries begins today.

In an official statement, Monday, the Npower Management urged Batch C Npower beneficiaries affected by "FAILED Payment" or "No Payment Data Available" to key in their details as earlier informed, adding that when dropped, it is directly captured even without a reply from the online help Agents.

"You MAY or MAY NOT get an acknowledgment from our Online Help  Agents when you drop Account details, but be rest assured that your details have been and will be CAPTURED", NASIMS clarified.

The National Social Investment Management System had on Friday directed Batch C Npower beneficiaries who observed "FAILED Payment" or "No Payment Data Available" on their NASIMS Profile Payrol Section to visit Npower Page and provide their Npower ID and Account Details under the comment section of the last post published for collation and resolution.

Many Npower beneficiaries were however gripped by fear that their Bank Accounts could be siphoned by Fraudster following the guidelines.

In view of that, investigation from Online Experts indicated that no one can take money from a Bank Account just with Account Numbers and Account Name alone.

Drop your Account Details using the Guideline stated below:

Note: The Post was made exactly on 10th Nov, 2021.

2.  Open the comment section

3. Type in your Npower ID, Bank Name, Account Name and Account Number


Npower ID: NPWR/***


Account Name: Musa Tunde Ikechukwu

Account Number: 3232184567

The Npower Management also called on the Batch C Npower beneficiaries to check their dashboards at intervals while urging them to exercise patience while the rectification is being done.

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  1. Npower ID-NPWR/2020/003699340
    Bank -Access bank
    Account number-0053146920
    Account name-chidozie ngozi Samuel


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