No Backlog Payment on going, beneficiaries lament, continue Protest in Abuja

The exited Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries have today continued protest in Abuja in demand for the payment of backlogs owed to about 14,023 of the beneficiaries.

Among other reasons for the unending protest is the push for the implimentation of the NEXIT Plan popularly known as NEXIT Loan - an exit plan proposed by the Federal Ministry Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development in collaboration with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), for the exited N-power Beneficiaries.

The non-payment of the backlogs owed to some of the beneficiaries which the Ministry announced over the week end it has commenced paying, is also a motivating factor for the Protest.

One of the placards borne by the Protesting beneficiaries has the inscription "Shift NSCDC to the Voulunteers, we have integrity," which is a direct demand for gainful Employment as a reward for their dedicated voluntary civil service to the country.

The Batch A and B N-power Beneficiaries since after their exit in June and July, 2020 respectively have organised several protests in the States and the streets of Abuja in similar demand from the Federal Government.

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Asides the streets protests, the exited N-power Beneficiaries have also conducted several online protests, while making similar demand, which resulted in the ban of Twitter Accounts of some of the identified their heads before the official ban of Twitter in Nigeria.

In solidarity and in peaceful conduct, the beneficiaries have vowed that  they would continue to protest until their demands are met, while recalling their ordeals in the N-power Programme before and after the 2019 General Election.

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