N-power: Northern and Southern Youths unite, ready to secure their future

The youths of Northern and Southern Nigeria have refused to be separated by the ethnic and political jingoism that has ravaged Nigerian unity following the sudden disengagement of the 500,000 N-power beneficiaries previously engaged by the Federal Government to man the unmanned Classrooms, Health Centers and Agricultural Zones, Blocks and Circles in Nigeria.

The N-power Beneficiaries who decried the sidelining of a larger proportion of youths, who do not have political god-fathers but potential voters, in recruitment to essential offices in Nigeria, lamented that the poor keep getting poorer and the rich getting richer as unemployment and hardship devour youths especially those from poor background.

The Beneficiaries lamented that the N-power program which was designed by the Afolabi Imoukhuede led team devoid of political manipulation, to train future manpowers, link them to available jobs or exit package for entrepreneurship, witnessed an unprecedented political manipulation, backwardness and punitiveness since it's transfer to the Ministry of Humanitarian, Disaster Management and Social Development in October, 2019.

The 500,000 N-power beneficiaries who are mainly children of the poor without access to juicy offices in Nigeria were managing with their families with a stipend of N30,000 but suddenly terminated by the Ministry amids Coronavirus Pandemic when businesses have been grounded to a start, families struggle to eat and opportunities too narrowed, without an exit package or anything to fall back on.

Reacting to the assertion by some ill-informed Nigerians who inferred that the program was meant to last for 2 years, the beneficiaries explained that the program stayed beyond 2 years because an exit plan was not met while the Federal Government promised not to push them back to the street without an assured means of livelihood.

The Beneficiaries added that during the Campaign for the 2019 General Election, the Federal Government assured them that their PVCs were their tickets to permanent Employment upon re-electing the present administration, prompting the beneficiaries uniting in one party system as vanguards of the 4+4 Agenda to ensure they secure their future.

500,000 Beneficiaries embark on peaceful protest:

The aggrieved youths who have decried and condemned the level of youth and graduate unemployment in Nigeria have taken to the street today to press home their plight to the Federal Government noting emphatically that the Federal Government should consider them worthy of permanent employment or substantial exit package having served the nation through the NYSC and years in the work,learn and earn N-power program.

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The protesting Beneficiaries had criticized a national shame paraded by the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development that more than 109,000 beneficiaries have started sustainable businesses and employing others through the stipend of N30,000 which is hardly paid by month ends, without an impact analysis on how COVID-19 has affected the claimed businesses.

Recalling how more than 5,000 Beneficiaries were exited from the program for truancy or abscondment from their places of assignment, the beneficiaries bemoaned such politics of deceit of paying people to spur lies to the public, noting that there is no way such bogus claim would have been so possible with N30,000 when they were being policed to work by their Principals, heads and monitoring teams; struggle to feed, transport, cloth to work, feed their children, give to their siblings and parents, without any incentives from their places of assignment.

Standing firm to protest youth and graduate unemployment in Nigeria, the N-power  Beneficiaries in Kogi State have written to the Nigerian Police notifying them of their peaceful intention to press home their plight to the Federal Government.

The State Coordinator of the N-power program in Kwara State in a media broadcast with TVC news urged the Federal Government to reconsider its stand as the timing is wrong without a clear exit plan while lamenting the denial of Batch B devices.

Nigerians fault Federal Government:

A lot of Nigerians have faulted the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, noting that being a ministry in charge of disaster Management, it should not be a source of disaster itself.

Nigerians criticized the stand of the Minister emphasising that it would have been fair that the Federal Government trained the beneficiaries in 3 months, establish them with the equivalence of N30,000 in 2years in various entrepreneurial endeavours other than sending them to work and be paid such peanut, and still be expected to build Mansions.

Many Nigerians have wondered how many businesses that have been established by those who receive a monthly N200,000 to Millions in the Government let alone a program of  N1000 per day which is equal to feeding from hands to months.

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