774,000 Recruitment: Federal Government bows, offers slots to Lawmakers, Governors, Ministers

In a  bid to resolve the controversies that threatened the 774,000 Special Public Works recruitment, the Federal Government has proposed special slots for the differing principal officers in the Government.

The chairman of the committee in Bauchi, Sanusi Aliyu Kunde, while inaugurating the state panel disclosed that:
Governors will be given 40 persons each from all the councils in the states. Senators will have 30 persons each from only the local government areas in the senatorial district each represents. If a principal officer of the National Assembly comes from your state, then he/she gets 40 slots in all the local government areas within his district. 
Members of the House of Representatives should be allotted 25 slots from the local government areas within their districts. The principal officers of the House should be given 30 slots. Ministers should be allotted 30 slots from all the local government areas in the state.
Mr Kunde who was inaugurated by the Minister of State for Labour, Festus Keyamo (SAN) on June 29, 2020 to head the selection across the 20 councils of Bauchi State furthered that the decision on the slots for the state lawmakers would be taken by the committee.

The Chairman of the committee further disclosed that a total of 20,000 persons would be recruited in the State for this programme. Kunde added that the process would include about 200 literate persons in every local government area who will be used to carry out nationwide surveys during the period of engagement

The Special Public Works initiated by the Federal Government to douse the impact of COVID-19 among youths across the 774 Local Governments of the Federation would recruit 1000 youths from each of the Local Governments in Nigeria.

The 3 months programme set to commence in October 2020 would put the recruited youths on the frontline of cleaning gutters, clearing market squares, village squares and other essential activities as to be designed by each State in order of importance, on a Stipend of N20,000 per month.

The progress of the recruitment was earlier halted when the Lawmaker lamented their exclusion from the recruitment process by instituting a selection committee without due consultation.

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