AFJP Farmers Grant Payment: FMARDPace reveals reason for delay

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) in cordination of the AFJP Farmers Subsidy Grant has revealed why the disbursement of the grant to enumerated farmers will take a little longer.

The Ministry in an update, Thursday, disclosed that the collation of the bank details of the enumerated AFJP Farmers for the Fertilizer subsidy  grant is still on going.

FMARD through the update called on "the unbanked enumerated Farmers to get an Account and provide their Bank Account Numbers and Bank Name to the assigned Enumerators".

"To benefit from the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant, kindly get a bank account with any bank of your choice and provide our assigned Enumerators with your Bank name and bank account number," FMARD announced to enumerated Farmers. 

Among other things that have stalled the disbursement of the grant to the farmers is the disinclination of the Enumerators to continue their duties while their payment hangs on atmosphere of uncertainty.

In a Telephone Conversation between the Enumerators and FMARD, captured exclusively by Myinfoclock Daily Info Update, the Enumerators had decried the noncompliance of the Ministry of Agriculture to the stipulated agreement which binds their contract on remuneration.

Listen to the Recoreded ConversationFMARDPace Enumerators to be paid after Farmers Fertilizer Grant disbursement - FMARD

However, while the Farmers continue to condemn the delay, FMARD's position maintains that the unbanked enumerated Farmers must be linked with their bank accounts before the AFJP Grant payment commences, to enable equal opportunity to all the enumerated Farmers.

The Ministry disclosed in the Telephone Conversation that it has placed priority on the payment of the Fertilizer Subsidy grant to the Farmers before payment of the Enumerators' remuneration, which has prompted the recent announcement to the unbanked enumerated Farmers. 

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  1. They have to pay for those that their BVN is linked with their bank so that those that are yet to link will have confident to do so immediately


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