SMEDAN calls on Nigerian Entrepreneurs to participate in the 2021 $1Million Entrepreneurship World Cup

The Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) has called on Nigerian Entrepreneurs to participate in the 2021$1Million Entrepreneurship World Cup.

According to the information contained in the official 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup Registration portal, "If you are an entrepreneur looking to start and scale, this is for you!"

The Entrepreneurship World Cup is open to creative and innovative individuals anywhere on the entrepreneurship spectrum. With categories and prizes for idea-stage, early-stage and growth-stage ventures, the EWC customizes the accelerator resources available and ensures that competitions are conducted on equal footing and for all industries.

The Entrepreneurship World Cup started out as an idea and now supports 175,000 entrepreneurs in 200 countries. It is made possible by three co-host organizations: Misk Global Forum, Global Entrepreneurship Network and The Global Education & Leadership Foundation.

Among the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that competed in Nigeria in 2020, 15 MSMES emerged in the finalist, presented their pitches and competed for a unique chance to represent Nigeria at the global finals in Riyadh as well as a shot at exclusive prizes.

Machi Earth Foods, founded by Nkechi Idinmachi, a Health and Wellness, Foodtech and Agtech, in Nigeria emerged in the top world 100.

According to the founder, Machi Earth Foods is an innovative, allergy-free food manufacturing company that promotes food security, good nutrition, and is contributing to the Good health and Well being - Sustainable Development Goal in Nigeria. 

Prizes to be won in the 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup

1. Global Grand Prizes
$500k for first; $250k for second; $100k for third

2. Global Stage Winner Prizes
$50,000 cash prize each for the top Idea, Early + Growth stage winners

3. Global Finalist In-Kind Prizes
In-kind services + opportunities valued at $750,000 each

4. Open stage for all investors to offer deals

The global finals will be held at the Misk Global Forum, scheduled for November 2021 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The top 100 finalists’ travel and accommodation fees will be covered. For more information on the Misk Global Forum, visit miskglobalforum.com.

How to Apply for the 2021 Entrepreneurship World Cup 

2. Click on "Dont have an Account"

3. Fill in the required details, create password and click on "Sign Up"

4. Check your email inbox for Registration confirmation

5. Open the e-mail and click on "Continue my application"

6. Then Sign in with the already registerd e-mail address and password.

7. When the registration Form opens, "Select your Country to begin Application"

8. Complete the Form with all required valid details and attachments following rules and examples provided.

Note: In case you didnt recieve the email as in (Step 4), Select an "Upcoming Event" by scrolling left side of the page "then click on "EWC Nigeria Finals August 13, 2021 by 11:00 am" then continue with (Step 6).

Dont be left out!

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