N-power: We deserve a better future, we are Nigerians too -N-power Beneficiaries echo as all set for a Mega protest

The 500,000 exited Beneficiaries of the N-power Program have concluded plans to hit the streets of Nigeria in a Mega National Protest on 12 November, 2020, to once again let the world hear their voices as they languish on failed promises and scary future.

The volunteers who have given the best of a minimum of 2 years in Civil Service in the Education, Health  and Agricultural Sectors manning the unmanned Classrooms, Health Centers and Agricultural Zones, Blocks and Circles across the States and Local Governments of the Federation, were disengaged without prio notification, amidst COVID-19 Pandemic and without a proper exit plan.

The Beneficiaries who have described their disengagement as punitive and inconsiderate, wondering if they were still Nigerians, have in tone of anguish and frustration united to demand the followimg from the Federal Government in a peaceful Protest:

  • Absorption into Civil Service or Substantial Exit Package.
  • Backlog payments for all the unpaid beneficiaries.
  • Device for 300,000 Batch B and about 9,000 Batch A N-power Beneficiaries
  • Among others.
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According to the National Cordinator of N-power Youth Congress, Joseph Enan Maigari, "Protest is the right of any aggrieved citizens" noting that the N-power Beneficiaries will stop at nothing to ensure their future is secured by meeting their demands.

Letters of Notification according to the Leaders of the beneficiaries have been sent, signed and acknowledged by several Authorities as the peaceful march sets to take effect on the stated date.

The Beneficiaries of the N-power Program had also stated that it is a necessity to continue to agitate for the fulfilment of the promises made to them by the previous and present handlers of the program pointing out that they are adults with some married with children, that they should not be toyed with because they are Nigerians and deserve a better future.

Many well-meaning Nigerians who condenmed the exit of the 500,000 N-power Beneficiaries without a proper plan of fixing their future prio to their disengagement had noted that the permanent engagement of that large number of youths could have relaxed the EndSARS Protest other than releasing them to the streets and compounding the problems of Nigeria.

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