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Digital Technology has changed a lot of ways of doing things and the 'change' itself continues to evolve leaving those who can continually align themselves in the direction of the changes, controlling others in the digital world.

In view of that, the Nigerian Government launched a free digital training portal and App as part of President Mohammadu Buhari's Digital Nigeria Program initiative to enable Nigerians fit into the ever changing digital technology world.

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy (FMCDE), Dr Isa Pantami, while performing the virtual launch of the mobile application stated that the initiative was part of government’s key plans aimed at empowering innovators and entrepreneurs with the requisite skills to thrive in an emerging digital economy.

Dr Pantami  explained that the Digital Nigeria programme was a key component of the Digital Literacy and Skills Pillar of the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy (NDEPS) for a Digital Nigeria which was being championed by himself.

"We are championing a paradigm shift that lays emphasis on skills, in preference to merely having degrees without skills. Degrees are only meant to validate skills, this is a growing trend across the globe."

"It will support the development of a large pool of digitally literate and digitally skilled citizens.The “Digital Nigeria” mobile app is available on playstore and apple store, enabling Nigerians to enrol in ICT courses within the comfort of their homes,” Dr Pantami furthered.

Dr Pantami noted that much of the content was provided through AfDB’s partnership with Microsoft, adding that students can download certificates after completing the courses.

The Program features digital courses such as Basic digital Skills in accessing information online, creating digital contents etc; Intermediate Digital Skills such as HTML5, CSS and Java Scripts Fundamentals etc, and Advanced Digital Skills such as HTML5 App Development, Networking, Software Development, Securities etc.

For more information, visit https://digitalnigeria.gov.ng/

How to join the Free Digital Courses

1.  Click here 

2. When the website opens, click on "Join the Digital Nigeria Program"

3. On the next Page, click on "Get Started"

4. Enter your phone number for phone verification.

5. Enter the 6-digit codes that will be sent to you from Microsoft. 

6. On the next Page, enter you First Name, Last Name and Email Address, then click on 'Get Started.'

7. When it opens, click on "Course Library" and select a course to study.

8. The course outline will be stated, click on "Register."

9. Then begin your video-bases classes.

10. Upon completion of all requirements to be certified, print your Certificate 

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