10 Apps you must have in your Smartphones

A survey has revealed that Nigerians are among the largest users of expensive Android Smartphone in the world but unfortunately, 80% of Android SmartPhone users can use less of 40% of its incredible functions.

SmartPhones are built around the word 'Smart'. They are portable and pocketable, and capable of executing most of what you could do with a Laptop or Desktop, seamlessly and on-the-go. 

SmartPhones are of no use without 'Apps'. The Android Operating System has millions of 'Application' software downloadable through the Google Play Store which can turn your handy gadget into a hub of digital productivity especially with a good storage space (ROM) and processing Space(RAM).

Here are 10 Applications which are 'must have' in the 21st Century

 1.  Google Doc

Google Doc, a product of the big name Google, is a word processing app with incredeble capability and flexibility allowing creating and editing of document as easy as dancing to your favourite songs. When you talk of Bold, Italicize, Underline, Strike through, size and many word font features, here you are.

It has feature which allows you create documents with pre-installed templates that suits your desire. There are template formats suitable for creating CVs and Resume, Cover Letters; writing Essay, Reports, Proposal, notes and many more which can be easily edited on the app. 

Google Doc is a wonderful package from Google which allows documents to be saved in the latest document format 'docx' and printable on-the-go. Documents created with Google Doc are automatically stored in your Google Drive. It is also a smooth document viewer/reader.

 2. Microsoft Office

The popular Microsoft of Windows Application Software has adapted into Android mobile Operating System. They firstly entered the Moble world through the Nokia Windows phones. 

The emergence of the Android simplicity crumbled the Nokia Windows plans. Microsoft being a Smart and innovative company moved with Android operating System. 

Today, the popular Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point have Android versions which can be downloaded through Google Play Store and perform the exact functions of the Windows Microsoft Office in your Laptops and Desktop Computers with incredeble capabilities.

 3. WPS Office

 This App is similar to Microsoft Office. It has added word features with appreciable flexibility.

It is an all-in-one document creator, editor and viewer with Word, Excel and Power Point in one App.

You can easily save your document in PDF, Doc or Docx  with this App.

The WPS Office App can run on Android versions lower than Android 5.0 unlike the Microsoft Office.

 4.  Writer Plus

With Writer Plus, writing, 'jotting', making notes or  drafting before posting to your Social handles becomes easier and simpler.

It's a simple, concise 'open and write' App with an Auto Save function which makes it easier to write and edit even after your Smartphone turns off as a result of low battery.

 5. Google Map

 Google Map, a popular product from Google, is your friend on your way out. 

When driving or walking through a place you are not so familiar with, turn on your location and open Google Map, Google will reveal to you your position and enable you find your way.

This App is compatible with many versions of Android and usually comes as a pre-installed app.

 6.  iMarkup

 This is a great App that allows you make illustrations on pictures using wonderful markers. 

It aids writing on pictures with magnificent fonts and colours. 

Many commendable illustration in my blog were made using this simple but great App.

 7.  Photo Editor

This is a full fitted App for picture editing, cropping, straightening, cloning and many more. 

When mastered, getting around your photos or JPG/JPEG documents becomes as simple as moving your fingertip on your screen.

Pictures can be saved in many formats including JPG, JPEG,PNG and more.

 8.  Photo and Picture Resize

This is another Picture editing app specifically for resizing of photos and Picture documents of many formats.

You may have come across online application that states your photo to be uploaded must not be more than 1mb leaving you wondering how to fix your photo to fit such size. This App is all you need.

 9. Y2Mate  App

Many ways of living have gone digital including our regular entertainments. Movie lovers now opt for YouTube videos other than regular DVD renting or purchase.

Downloading your favourite movie to enable you watch them offline without always burning your data becomes a little difficult without a YouTube downloader such as Y2Mate.

Read more about how to download YouTube Videos here.

10. Xenda

Xenda is everyone's favourite sharing App for pictures, songs, movies and documents but has more to offer.

With Xenda, you can watch Movie formats your regular video viewing app will not be able to offer without occupying your Smartphone with too many Video viewing apps. All your have to do is to select the movie and select Xenda as your viewing App.

Xenda offers saving of Whatsapp Status, downloading of Facebook Videos and Status. Read more about how to download facebook videos here.

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