Ekiti COVID-19 Palliatives harmful - State Government warns

The Ekiti State Government has warned that the mistaken items carted away as COVID-19 Parliatives in the State were poisonous items harmful for consumption.

The State Commissioner for Information and Civic Orientation, Mr Akin Omole, said in a statement that the food items taken are chemical-prepared crops for planting and as such are harmful for consumption.

“Information at our disposal revealed that the Federal Government’s silos, the ADP warehouse and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) stores, all in Ado- Ekiti, were attacked by hoodlums under the guise of seeking Covid-19 palliatives.

“We insist that Ekiti State currently has no Covid-19 palliative warehouse as all the palliatives had been distributed.

“Unfortunately, the items carted away were Single Super Phosphate and NPK fertilisers, which they erroneously thought was “Gaari’’, cassava grains.

“The SEMA store too has only emergency supplies for disaster response.

Some people even made away with pre-fermented corns preserved for planting. All these items are poisonous and not fit for consumption.

“We, therefore, appeal to our people not to consume these items because they can kill,’’ Omole warned.

Dr Olabode Adetoyi, the Commissioner for Agriculture and Food Security, also confirmed the looting, warning that most of the items carted away contained chemically-treated seeds meant for planting.

Meanwhile, Nigerians have expressed disaffection on the attitudes of the State Governments towards the COVID-19 Parliatives that was meant to relief the sufferings of the residents of the States during the COVID-19 Period when hunger unleashed mayhem on Nigerians.

The COVID-19 Parliatives have been recently discovered in warehouses in many States of the Federation bringing to question, the intent of hiding the items away from the people, by the State Governments.

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