Man shot dead over COVID-19 Parliatives in Enugu |Photos and Videos

Following the tip-off of various location where the state Governments had stocked COVID-19 Parliatives meant for the general public  in different States across the federaration which had remained undistributed till date, residents of Enugu who attempted to visit the alleged location of the COVID-19 Parliative warehouse in the city were greeted with a rain of gun fire yesterday resulting in the confirmed death of one Shederack Ejike Okeke.

Reports from various sources stated that on Friday 23rd October, 2020, there was a tip-off that the Enugu State COVID-19 Parliatives were hidden within the premises of Queens College but upon arriving there by residents of the State on Saturday morning, alleged armed Mobile Policemen have taken over the area, shooting sporadically resulting in the death of the young Shedrack Ejike Okeke.

The brother of the deceased, Chekwus Kelv Okeke, while reporting the incidence noted that his brother left their house to his place of work at Juhel Filling Station closed to the alleged location of the warehouse and in no account did he near the gate of the warehouse but was hit by a stray bullet from the gunshots resulting in his instant death. 

Several reports alleged that there were four deaths in Enugu yesterday resulting from the stray bullets from armed Mobile Policemen who were mounted to guard the area of the COVID-19 Parliatives warehouse but only one has been confirmed by Daily Info Update as at time of this publication.

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The #EndSARS protest in Enugu has been reportedly bloody as no fewer than four deaths were allegedly recorded as the Nigeria Police Force battle the protesting youths in the city of Enugu.

Just like in many parts of Nigeria, Enugu was not left out in the expression of anger by aggrieved youths of the #LekkiMassacre on 20th October, 2020, as there were burning of public properties mostly Street Lights, Banks and Police Stations in the city.

Meanwhile, the social media has been agog following the crowd at the scene of the Plateau State COVID-19 Parliatives warehouse as residents of the area take turns to fill their stomachs after the COVID-19 Pandemic three months Hunger. Also, in Lagos, Osun, Edo, Rivers and Cross River, the residents have 'taken what rightly belong to them' as many Nigerians stated.

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