774,000 Recruitment not mainly for Graduates, no need for online Registration -Keyamo

The Minister of State, Labour and Employement, Mr Festus Keyamo (SAN), while reacting to question on why online registration portal would not be used by the applicants of the Special Public Works Program, said that online registration would not be neccessary as the program is not 'mainly' for Graduates.
Let’s kindly note that the Special Public Works Programme is DESIGNED largely for UNSKILLED, ITINERANT, rural workers, NOT GRADUATES - those who look for manual work to do everyday. They are a vital part of society too and govt has decided to seek them out to cater for them. 
Whilst it is inexpedient to ask largely illiterate, itinerant workers to go on the internet & register for jobs through a portal, we shall surely upload their full names & information AFTER RECRUITMENT on a website for all to see. The monitoring process would be very transparent, the Minister noted.
The Minister has earlier in a press release stated that he has formed a State Selection Commitee in each State that would undertake the nomination of the beneficiaries whose names would be sent to Abuja solely by the said Committee which is expected to be free from political influences.

Mr Keyamo disclosed that the strategies which would be used in the recruitment process involves the State Selection Committees contacting leaders in churches, mosques, motor-parks, markets, palaces, neighborhoods, etc to compile the names of those who ACTUALLY live in the localities, including their phone numbers which would be public so they can be contacted in their States.

The Minister of State furthered that the SPW may become an annual dry-season event as it would greatly aid the very poor amongst us. 

He  emphasised that such program was one of the many templates India and  Bangladesh used to lift themselves in the global poverty index as it has exit strategy which may involve moving the workers to some agricultural program.

The successful beneficiaries of the program which is slated to last for 3 months, from October to December, 2020, would be engaged in clearing of gutters, clearing of market square, traffic control and other minor activities that would be assigned to them as a necessity in each of the States of the Federation.

The beneficiaries of the program would be paid N20,000 monthly stipends as the program forms part of the President Mohammadu Buhari's palliative measures, to cushion the effect of COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

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