Why any man shouldn't wash his wife's pant - Grace Omaboe

A Ghanian actress, Grace Omaboe, has warned men that wash their wife's pant about it's spiritual implication. 
"It will have spiritual implication and everything of the man will not go on well for him”.
 “No, No, it will be hard luck on the man if he washes his wife’s underpants and everything of the man will go bad".
She made this warning during  an interview with Arnold Elavanyo Mensah on Vibes In 5. She added that she would hit his son in the presence of his wife should he try it.
“I will take the things from my son and slap him with it. I will ask him if he’s a fool to be washing his wife’s panties, I will ask him that Kwabena are you a fool?” 
The actress backed her claim with the Bible saying that the scriptures was clear on men being the head of the family, hence why they shouldn’t stoop so low in washing panties.

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