Coronavirus, a world war.

Coronavirus hits more than 30 countries asides China. The deadly disease has been spreading speedily across the world while leaving tracks of fear and death in any country it touches. 

Iran recently recorded 12 deaths and 61 infection. This has forced nine countries in the Middle East including Palestine to close their land and  air borders against Iran. Qatar Airways on Monday last week announced that it would quarantine passengers arriving from Iran and South Korea for 14 days, even if they show no signs of the coronavirus.

Myinfoclock learnt that there is a discrepancy between the actual number of death and the number released to the world. While there is a debate on the actual figure of infection and death, Coronavirus has not stopped demonstrating its high replicative index across the world.

As at today, Italy has recorded 219 confirmed cases with 5 death. The number of confirmed cases in Italy follows South Korea and Japan after China. 

The death figure in China hits 2,595 even as Chinese Experts declared the effectiveness of Chloroquine Phosphate in the treatment of the infection.

While Nigeria prepares to combat this deadly virus in case of any emergence, the Minister for Health has lamented non-release of funds that would enhance establishment of all necessary apparatus for the fight against the virus. 

Taking all necessary precaution to ensure prevention of this deadly virus has been highly recommended across the world. Eat safe, play safe.

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