Latest Npower 9 Months Outstanding Stipends Update

In today's latest Npower 9 Months Outstanding Stipends Update, we bring to the latest happenings around the 9 months outstanding Stipends Payment. 

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Betta Edu, has confirmed that the Ministry has completed payment of one Month Stipend to Batch C Npower Beneficiaries out of the 9 months outstanding Stipends owed to the beneficiaries. 

The Minister made the announcement on Tuesday in her 2024 first day in Office address.

Edu disclosed that the payment of the 9 months outstanding Stipends will continue when the fund taken from the Ministry's account has been returned.

''Throughout December,we  achieved more Mile stones. Conditional Cash Transfer paid an additional 532,000 persons following in-person verification, Renewed Hope Shelter for Poor and IDPs completed ground clearing and grading of 10 hectares for the building of 40 houses, they also installed boreholes to provide water for construction.  The rural vocational skill program trained 500 people in Adamawa State, and we launched the Renewed Hope Grant for vulnerable groups in Cross River State and some other states. N- Power got paid one month's allowance out of their backlog pending recovery of their funds removed from the account", the Minister state.

Recall that the Ministry had in a statement disclosedthat N127 billion was mopped from the Ministry's account by the Federal Government. The fund, the ministry stated, was meant for the payment of Npower beneficiaries stipends which has been recovered from the Npower Payment Service provider who failed to pay the funds to the beneficiaries as at when due.

However, Banks which have not credited the beneficiaries the first Stipend Payment, will continue to do so.

As at now, no beneficiary has been paid more than one month Stipend out of the 9 months outstanding Stipends.

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  1. So what now is the latest from your story? I can't find any update on the current backlogs payment situation.


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