New Date for Npower 9 Months Outstanding Stipend Payment Sacrosanct

The Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Dr Betta Edu has last week fixed an official date for the commencement of the payment of 9 months outstanding Stipends owed to the Npower beneficiaries. 

According to the Minister while addressing the beneficiaries on Tuesday, the payment of the Npower beneficiaries 9 Months Outstanding Stipends will begin on 27th November, 2023.

The Ministry has, on Monday, indicated that the Payment of the 9 months outstanding Stipends will go as planned today.

This is in fulfilment of the Minister's promise to begin clearing of the outstanding Stipends in November, 2023 after the recovery of funds confiscated by the Payment Service Providers who were contracted for the Npower Payment by the previous administration. 

The Ministry had in a previous statement disclosed that the payment of the Npower 9 Months Outstanding Stipends will be done in batches of 3 Months beginning with January to March, and then April to June, and finally July to September. 

This, according to the Ministry, would ensure smooth crediting of beneficiaries bank accounts, prevent further backlogs and promote proper record tracking of the payment processes.

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Betta has pursued the actualization of the President Tinubu Renewed Hope Agenda by matching actions with words in recent times.

For the past two weeks, payment of the N25,000 Conditional Cash Transfer Grant under the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (RHCCT) has been ongoing, with millions of beneficiaries smilling to the Banks.

The Ministry is set to flag off the registration of market women in 109 Markets across Senetorial Zones of the federation, in the Iyaloja Monie Loan Programme, in this November, 2023.

The Iyaloja Monie Scheme is a loan programme, a rebrand of the GEEP Loan Programme, through which the beneficiaries, basically market women traders, will recieve a non-interest loan of N50,000 each.

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According to the Minister, the Iyaloja Monie Loan Scheme is targeted at 1.5 Million beneficiaries across the 36 States of the Federation.

The loan Scheme will be providing for poor market women-traders, helping them to improve on their capital and expand on their businesses as part of the ways of removing Nigerians from multi-dimensional poverty and humanitarian crises.

The Iyaloja Monie Loan Scheme will be implemented in 3 phases with 500,000 beneficiaries emerging from each phase, beginning from this November, 2023.

The Renewed Hope Skill Acquisition Programme (Rebranded Npower Programme) will begin in December, 2023 to take in new Batch of beneficiaries in the federal government Npower Programme. 

These and more are part of the federal government's efforts to lift 133 Million Nigerians out of Poverty before 2030.

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