Apply for Batch 2 NG-CARES Grant Programme for MSMEs 2023

We are excited to announce the return of the NG-CARES Grant Programmes. The NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 is focusing on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which are suffering the impact of the COVID-19 Pandmic.

The Nigeria COVID-19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus (CARES) Program is a state-level intervention that seeks to mitigate the local effects of the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic at the state-level, by protecting the livelihoods of existing and newly poor and vulnerable households, and supporting the recovery of local economic activity especially among MSMEs.

The program consists of 3 Results Areas (RAs) as defined below:
RA 1 – Focuses on Social Protection; RA 2 – Focuses on Agriculture and; RA3 – Focuses on Micro Small and Medium scale enterprises (MSMEs)

The NG-Cares Grant Programme is in collaboration with the World Bank, the Federal Government, and the Bank of Industry (BOI).

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The NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 aims to support the survival of SMEs across the States of the Federation through the implementation of three (3) Delivery Link Indicators (DLIs):
DLI 3.1 (Credit Enhancement Grants) - Provides financial support to distressed MSEs;
DLI 3.2 (Operations Grants) - Offers one-off grants to cover operational costs such as salaries, rent, and utilities; and 
DLI 3.3 (IT Enhancement Grant) - Grants for adopting digital technology and covering platform integration costs.

Requirement for NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 in 2023

The NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 Registration 2023 requires no Documentation Upload. Just fill out the below information:

1. Business Name
2. What Kind of Business? (Industry Type)
3. Industry Subtype
4. What Date/Year did you open your business?
5. Number of employees?
6. Last name of Head of Business?
7. First Name of Head of Business?
8. Date of Birth of Head of Business?
9. Phone number of Head of Business?
10. Email of Head of Business?
11. Gender of Head of Business?State of Business?
12. LGA of Business?
13. How much sales (In Naira) do you currently make monthly?

Stages in NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 Application in 2023

There are three stages of application before your business is finally selected as the grant beneficiary.
The three (3) stages are:
i. Application Stage
ii. Vetting Stage
iii. Enumeration State

When you apply for the NG-Cares Batch 2, your application will be reviewed; upon a satisfactory review, your application will be vetted by being nominated to move to the next phase of the application.

Kindly note that 'Been Vetted' is the second stage of your application. To know if your application has been approved for vetting, simply confirm by doing the following:

To confirm if your Application for the 2023 NG-Cares Batch 2 has been vetted, select 'Get Vetted' on the Plax application platform. Input your ‘Phone Number’ (the phone number used during the application). If your business has been vetted, you will be taken to a new window where you fill information about your business. If your application has not been vetted, you will be requested to wait or you would receive an email/sms on the reason why you haven’t been approved for this Stage by Bank of Industry.

Links to Apply for NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 in 2023 across the 36 States Plus FCT

The NG-CARES 2023 Registration Portals for the 36 States are:

FCT - Abuja - https://plax.ng/fct

How to Apply for NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 in 2023

1. Open the link corresponding to your State where your business is located.

2. Fill the form with the required information such Business Name, what Kind of Business? (Industry Type), Industry Subtype, What Date/Year did you open your business, Number of employees? etc.

3. When filling Dates, ensure to select Day, Month and Year. Do not type in the Day, Year and Month.

4. Upon completion, the Submit button will become bright and clickable.

5. Then Submit.

6. Refer to the Stages of NG-Cares Grant Programme Batch 2 Application stated above.

Please note that you can only apply for one DLI, and your BVN name must match your registration and account name.

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