NASIMS Profile Status shows January, Febuary, March 2023 Stipends Pending | Check with New NASIMS Payment Eligibility Checker Link

The NASIMS Profiles of beneficiaries are currently being updated as the federal government prepares to pay 9 months outstanding Stipends to Batch C Npower beneficiaries.

The payment of the 9 months outstanding Stipends as announced by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation will begin in November 2023 following the recovery of funds previously hijacked by contracted payment services providers for the Npower Stipend Payment. 

According to the National Npower Programme Manager, Dr. Akindele Egbuwalo, the Payment of the 9 months outstanding Stipends will be paid in batches, meaning that the overal 9months Stipends can not be paid at once.

Egbuwalo statement further explains that the Payment of the outstanding Stipends will be made in a batch of multiple credits of 3-4 months in a single payment initiation.

But before the payment begins, eligible beneficiaries will be sorted out as some beneficiaries who have exited the programme are no longer fit to be paid January to September 2023 Stipends.

This is why the NASIMS Self Service Portal ssp.nasims.gov.ng was closed so as to stop payment to ineligible beneficiaries while eligible beneficiaries are selected based on criteria deemed strategic by the Ministry.

Are you are a Batch C1 or Batch C2 Npower beneficiary? Do you wish to know your NASIMS Profile Status and view your NASIMS Payment eligibility status, kindly use the new NASIMS Payment eligibility profile checker http://self-service-portal.nasims.ng/applicant/login?fbclid=IwAR0W1L65wCPGUWqTR2jqjLSpDDBCxmERBzLUGB8tTLKYoIsZmSRGe6miS6U

Logging in with your details used on ssp.nasims.gov.ng will give you access to your NASIMS Profile portal where you can view your NASIMS Profile and NASIMS Payment eligibility status.

This new NASIMS Profile checker link http://self-service-portal.nasims.ng/applicant/login?fbclid=IwAR0W1L65wCPGUWqTR2jqjLSpDDBCxmERBzLUGB8tTLKYoIsZmSRGe6miS6U, only allows you to view your NASIMS Profile, your payment profile and general status of your account but you will be unable to update any information on your profile.

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